CERN Does Rainbow Bridge?


CERN the particle accelerator of the New World Order could be up to something, with headlines hinting at inter-dimensional research. The Large Hadron Collider could be studying the keys to gravity’s rainbow and unlocking the bridge of parallel world travels.

Although potentially today’s announcement posted on Nova Next PBS Physicists Warming Up the LHC Accidentally Create a Rainbow Universe could be an April Fools Day hoax (like the Force of Kabalah announcment). If it’s a hoax it’s an elaborate one as articles on this research date back the past few weeks, including:

This could prove the controversial theory of “rainbow gravity”, which suggests that the universe stretches back in time infinitely with no singular point where it started, and so no Big Bang… It takes its name from a suggestion that gravity’s effect on the cosmos is felt differently by varying wavelengths of light.

Cern scientists to explore existence of parallel universes | Stuff New Zealand

In Express, researcher Mir Faizal, part of the team conducting the upcoming atom-smashing experiment, explains: “We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.”

CERN scientists will use the Large Hadron Collidor to detect the miniature black holes necessitated by the Rainbow Gravity theory. That means cranking the atom smasher’s energy levels higher than they’ve ever gone before. European media reports the collidor will be powered up to an astonishing 13 teraelectron volts (TeV)–more than double the machine’s previous record of 5.3 TeV.

Large Hadron Collidor Researchers Hope To Touch Another Dimension | Good Magazine

“So if LHC operates at that [energy level]- we will know that rainbow gravity is correct, and that extra dimensions and parallel universes are correct,” Faizal explained.

Large Hadron Collider May Prove Parallel Universes Exist By Spring | Escapist Magazine

CERN Rainbow Bridge portal

If this seems familiar it might be due to a corse of norse mythology the Bifröst Bridge as portrayed in the motion picture Thor:

According to WikipediaBifröst (or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Asgard, the realm of the gods.

Scholar Andy Orchard posits that Bifröst may mean “shimmering path.” He notes that the first element of Bilröstbil (meaning “a moment”)—”suggests the fleeting nature of the rainbow,” which he connects to the first element of Bifröst—the Old Norse verb bifa (meaning “to shimmer” or “to shake”)—noting that the element provokes notions of the “lustrous sheen” of the bridge. Austrian Germanist Rudolf Simek says that Bifröst either means “the swaying road to heaven” (also citing bifa) or, if Bilröst is the original form of the two (which Simek says is likely), “the fleetingly glimpsed rainbow” (possibly connected to bil, perhaps meaning “moment, weak point”).

This all relates to what iON refers to as Rift Riding the parallel World-ing, described in the video iOn & the end of time on youtube, that also discusses the CERN reactor:

Coincidentally, when Bob Dobbs was in Toronto last year he appeared in the Rainbow Village and even briefly discussed his past trip to CERN with iON and some cookie crumbs.

BONUS: Another famous rainbow bridge is represented in the video game Mario Kart level Rainbow Road seen in this video over the past 22 years incarnations:



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