All charges dropped against street preacher

The Rebel Commander recently appeared at Yonge & Dundas for an interview with David Lynn a local Toronto street preacher and pastor with Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries and his brilliant lawyer a freedom lover who fights for liberty, with the announcement that ALL CHARGES HAVE BEEN DROPPED against David Lynn, who had been charged with busking offences.

In recognition of the fact that they have charged him under the wrong law because David is not a busker but rather a preacher, they withdrew the charges.

Sonya Shikhman

Charges dropped against Toronto street preacher — thanks to our viewers!


Much respect to Sonya for lending her legal expertise to the case:


Also thanks to Ezra Levant who as a Sun News Network host urged viewers to contribute to a legal defence fund and as a Rebel Media host continues to report on this story.


Here are some full-length videos featured as cutaways in the latest Rebel Media report:

unpack your amp and pray like a believer

Check out Christs Forgiveness Ministries the Stop Bullying Christians Now! campaign and the Dundas Square Church


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