Global Warming Freezes Over

Springtime in Canada It is Earth Hour 2015, the WWF’s international cult of Gaia symbolic lights off event. But don’t be so quick to usher in the dark ages because the World Wide Fund for Nature has been exposed as an elite run foundation for eugenics Agenda 21 and the climate change scams. Fronted by the Duke of Edinburgh head of a notorious royal family of hunters. So beware of the green police.


The green fanatics can’t stop believing in the doomsday cult of convenient liars and carbon swindlers. Even though Al Gore’s award-winning propaganda An Inconvenient Truth has been exposed as being full of errors and false predictions, the producers are still warning of a sequel. Even if you did buy the slick documentary feature you’d still have to wonder why would Al Gore buy multi-million dollar beachfront property?


Whether they’re of the true believer ilk and buy into all the hype or are just high marketing con jobs looking to be Carbon Septillionaires, they’re not infallible. Just like the term global warming had to be adjusted to climate change and that even the current cold winter and spring in Canada are being blamed on global warming it’s a mind-boggling ‘science’ and a potentially huge business based on the commoditization of air and water.


To catch a glimpse of this out there reasoning check out the leader of the Green Party of Canada, MP Elizabeth May debate scientist Tim Ball on CFAX 1070 Radio:

One of the key points being a consensus among scientists is referencing the corrupt IPCC United Nations climate front group, now discredited hockey stick graphing lead by accused sexual devient Rajendra Kumar Pachauri who recently resigned in shame. Power corrupts? absolutely. ipcc Pachauri resigns in scandalNow the World’s leading news organization VICE is promoting the global warming hoax on Season 3 of their HBO series, episode one Our Rising Oceans. The episode features a trip on a NASA plane shooting lasers at Antarctica for the past 22 years and promotes a water-world scenario. VICE is seen by youth everywhere and highly influential in shaping public perceptions. If an entire generations believe there is little time left to be dry, what will they do?

At least at one point the NASA laser shooting researcher does admit that Antarctica is expanding but there’s always a explanation, this time highlighting the difference between ‘land ice’ and ‘sea ice’ either way it’s cold.


Which brings us to the threat of global cooling, something that was heavily promoted during the cold winters of the 1970s. Although the global warming alarmists might call anyone that questions them ‘climate deniers’ there are very few people who deny that weather changes. It’s just easily observable that long-term weather predictions are rarely accurate, so the idea that overall climate trends are is a stretch. For a taste of the global cooling hype check out the 1978 episode of In Search Of… titled ‘The Coming Ice Age’ hosted by Leonard Nimoy (LLAP)

So while the globalists have been working on a Worldwide threat to elicit a global reaction and pave the way for a one-World government and economic control system solution, look out for the climate refugees agenda as poor people from tropical places are to be stacked and packed in colder cities so the elite can have free range in the name of biodiversity.



For further research check out the Climate Depot, Watts Up With That, and the Toronto Truth Seekers campaign ClimateGate Exposed the Hoax!



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