Toronto tunnel the mystery continues…


A mysterious tunnel was revealed last week in north Toronto near York University, generating international media coverage, speculation about criminal activity, security concerns near a Pan-Am games venue, and fears of terror. Police appealed for help from the public, the 37-ft long tunnel way was filled, and the mystery continued…

The media jumped on this story with every local outlet and many around the globe reporting. Some referenced Shawshank Redemption or The Great Escape but since there’s no jail a scarier scenario is a demonic hellhole like in the movie Prisoners or the season 6 of Dexter rife with overtly religious apocalyptic symbolism like in True Detective, media awareness:

Toronto tunnel media influence

Then one week later the ‘mystery’ is said to be solved, two builders were found with no criminal intent, no charges, no further explanation other then to say it was a ‘man cave’ to be used for “personal reasons”

Just a man cave... nothing to worry about

Just a friendly man cave… nothing to worry about here

That’s it? according to detectives: The only charge that could possibly apply to digging the hole would be mischief-related, and since there was no danger to the public, “there’s no sense wasting the court’s time,” Det. Whittemore said.

“They’re just blue-collar guys,” Det. Whittemore said, adding that they had no connection to York University and no professional background in tunnelling or engineering.

As for the rosary found nailed to the tunnel wall with a poppy affixed to it, Det. Whittemore suggested it was for divine protection while the men dug.

National Post ‘Toronto tunnel mystery solved’

Could it be possible that this is a large cover-up? Usually conspiracies are blamed on one person, a fall guy, but with the complexity and amount of dirt to move this one required two. A secret subterranean bunker by some preppers? or an underground chamber for masonic rituals?

mysterioser-tunnel-in-toronto-rose-and-cross tunnel-rosary-mystery

The rosary with the poppy attached might be as police suggest, just a talisman for ‘divine protection’ but the symbology is remarkably similar to the hermetic secret society the Rosicrucians. Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross:

For what we do presage is not in grosse,
For we are brethren of the Rosie Crosse;
We have the Mason Word and second sight,
Things for to come we can foretell aright.

— Henry Adamson, The Muses’ Threnodie (Perth, 1638).

Much has been made of the tunnel being located near York University a hotbed for radical activism and the Rexall Centre the tennis facility for the upcoming Pan-Am games, but the actual location is an Ontario conservation site, the Black Creek Parkland, about a kilometre away from Black Creek Pioneer Village an interactive museum which houses The Heritage Lodge No.730:

The purpose of the Masonic Lodge at Black Creek Pioneer Village is to present Masonry in a favourable light to the many visitors who tour the village each year and to give them a better understanding of the place of Freemasonry in the social fabric of an 1867 crossroads rural community. The Lodge Room is furnished with pre-Confederation furnishings and is staffed by volunteer Masonic Interpreters. The Black Creek  Masonic Heritage Committee shall consist of a Chairman, a Secretary, five Weekly Captains, the Supervisor of Education and Interpretation at Black Creek Pioneer Village and several  Interpreters who are interested in serving on the Committee.


Of course this could all just be a coincidence and maybe two guys with no connection to fraternal orders dug and constructed this without purpose. But if there is any more to this story it could all be a staged psy-op using mass-media last week to drive terror fears and a perception that big brother isn’t actually watching, then this week to present a nothing to see here case closed and crater filled-in.

“The big question is ‘Why?’,” he said. “You know, having worked in homicide for six years, a lot times the question ‘Why did this happen?’ is very rarely answered. You just try to deal with what you’ve got. But that’s the million-dollar question.”

Det. Whittemore / National Post ‘Toronto tunnel mystery solved’

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