Angry Beaver Radio (February 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio feb 2015

While the global warming movement roars through the coldest February on record, the beavers are back n’ broadcasting from The Canadastan. Listen as the four hosts welcome four special guests for the four shows of the month, including Marcia from Canada on the Morgellons cover-up, Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism, Ken Hildebrand on the e-ciggarette vapor bans, and Arron The Barbarian of Police State Radio. As the Left Shark Superbowl, Valentine’s Day 50 Shades of Grey, Disneyland vaccine outbreak and the Oscars surround the lodge, will the beavers build up a dam of truth to halt the New World Order barrage?  Check out all the archives here:

Saturday, February 7th 2015

Morgellons Exposed

We are joined by Marcia from the west coast of Canada to expose the morgellons cover up. You can donate to Marcia here You can also find her youtube channels here /MfromCanada… /MfromCanada… /traitorsBeware…

Saturday, February 14th 2015

We welcome back Susanne Posel to the show for a round table discussion on a variety of subjects ranging from GMO foods to vaccinations, the dumbing down of society, Valentine’s Day exposed, and much more… Check out Susannes website:

ATTN: Anti-Vaxxers, Moon Landing Hoax’ers, Climate Deniers, & Freedom Sliders!

Saturday, February 21st 2015

Vaping smoking and the Nanny State

We are joined by Ken Hildebrand for a discussion about vaping and e cigarette regulations and the general nanny state that has become our society. Should the government ban everything to keep us safe?


Saturday, February 28th 2015

We welcome Arron from Montreal to the broadcast for a round table discussion on a number of issues from vaccines, to the occult, to climate change, Madonna illuminati, the freeman movement, Superbowl symbolism and more… Check out Arron’s youtube channel: PoliceStateRadio

Angry Beaver Roar Katy rides beast

Tune in live every Sat 3-5 pm (est) only on 90.7 FM Denver



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