Who is Barack Obama’s biological father?

Who is the father of Obama

The 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro has a mysterious past. There are questions over his birth certificate, place of birth, social security number, and ancestry. Is Barack Hussein Obama really born to Barack Obama Sr. of Kenya? How about Lolo Soetoro? or Lolo Soebarkah? or Uncle Frank? or a pharaohs DNA? The mystery continues…

On a 2012 episode of Cash Flow on Achieve Radio a clip was played where a para-XL known as iON was asked about the controversy regarding Obama’s father: iON answers: who is Obama’s father?

For further research a documentary has been made on this topic called Dreams Of My Real Father based on the best selling grammy award-winning memoir Dreams Of My Father.

Coincidentally, the man who’s claimed to have ghost-written Dreams Of My Father the radical weathermen professor Bill Ayers recently appeared on Infowars Store. When host Alex Jones asked Bill Ayers about the theories surrounding Obama’s father, here’s the question:

Frank Marshall Davis did you know him?
I never knew Frank Marshall Davis, I read about him in the New York Times.
So Barack never told you that was his Papi?
Ah, you know I knew Barack Obama about as well as thousands and thousands of other people. It’s not, we weren’t intimate friends. We never shared a milkshake with two straws. Never.

Does this mystery matter? Maybe not. But it could be a key scheme in a massive fraud.



Further Research: Orly Taitz EVIDENCE ON BARACK OBAMA

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