In memory of Sun News Network

sun news network no longer

On Friday the 13th of February 2015, the Sun News Network went off the air, shutdown their Facebook page and turned their website to a one-page logo. The youtube videos are still up and available but who knows for how long. This is a demise of the most novel mainstream media in Canada, the only network that regularly questioned the climate scams and left-wing schemes that Canada is abundant with.

However the ratings were low and the costs were high (Sun TV included outlets in most major cities across the country). The hundreds of people who were laid off last week saw it coming. The parent company Quebecor failed to sell the network, the rumoured deal with Zoomer Media didn’t materialize. So without warning Sun TV went off the air.

There are obvious criticisms with SNN, their obvious bias toward praising the Conservative Party (the modern day Tories that have controlled Canada since it’s founding), their hit pieces on ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘9/11 truthers’, and the controlling company Quebecor being run by the NAFTA globalist Brian Mulroney.

But what about the exceptional reports that they presented?

SUN did a job of exposing the radical protests. Even I appeared on Sun TV in a segment about the failed Occupy movement, hosted by Joe Warmington (a supporter of the G20 Exposed movie) who’ll still be reporting for the Toronto Sun Newspaper and Newstalk 1010. Watch: Occupy a failed movement?

The Sun News was exposed for sending their host Michael Coren in an attempt to twist the ReThink 9/11 presentation of Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, last year. See: Michael Coren interviews Richard Gage

A lot of time was spent warning about the upcoming Prime Minister Trudeau reign in Ottawa, a few years ago they even hosted a Shiny Pony boxing spectacle:

They even allowed the former Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford say whatever he wanted during his complete denial years:

Sun News Network was at its best exposing the climate scams, carbon tax, wind farms, and environmentalist religion, including attempting to confront the globetrotting spokesman David Suzuki:

The always outspoken anchor of the Sun Network, Ezra Levant has landed in hot water in the past and drawn the eyre of the Human Rights Commission. He even featured renowned blogger GenuiNEWitty on several episodes warning of the radical anarchy throughout the nation.

Ezra Levant’s last segment February 12th kept with the always controversial, as he reported on the intolerant jihadi movement by exposing some radical imams at the website

The sun has set but word is Ezra Levant is not done yet, and might start his own network. Look out for an independent, conservative media alternative in Canada (coming soon)… Also the Truth North Report could be of interest according to rumours.

Let’s hope some alternative media exists in the mainstream. For instance Sun News was the only national outlet to report that a Street Preacher at Toronto’s famous Dundas Square was charged with ‘busking laws’ after years of preaching there, Ezra Levant even seems to have helped get a hot lawyer to help with the case. See: A preacher’s right to preach – Christians are being driven out of the public square in Canada:

And Sun News Network’s last video upload on their videos page, titled ‘The RCMP broke the law‘ is a fitting final report for the network. With Brian Lilley reporting on the recent ruling that the RCMP broke the law during the ‘gun grab’ in the flood-ravaged town of High River, Alberta. This was also connected to the finest piece I saw produced by Sun News, a full documentary report ‘Broken Trust: Gun Grab at High River’

Watch while you still can, as it’s unknown how long these videos will remain online, as the past has proven the powers that be always want to erase the history that hinders their future plans.


Rest in Peace

Occupy What College



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