Ukraine on the brink of New World Order

Some call them family and friends, the war-mongers of the west call them collateral damage. Civilians killed in residential neighbourhoods is a shocking sight, and this documentary includes english subtitles. The conflict in Eastern Ukraine appears to be a New World Order scenario for the people caught in the middle, there’s no clear way to turn.

On one side there’s a junta headed by media conglomerates in Kiev described as ‘fascist’ with radical anarchist occupiers from Maidan protests involved in a coup d’état championed by the West fighting to join the Euro? Sounds like a scam.

Or the rebel militia that has declared their own people’s republic of Donetsk supposedly armed with Soviet weaponry, seeking to join Russia? Although the President appears to operate with more logic than his G20 counterparts, and the Kremlin-funded RT channel provides more truth than mainstream news, it’s important to remember Russia is directly connected with N.W.O. scams like the corrupt $50 billion Winter Olympics 2014, or the 2009 G8 meeting where the current Prime Minister of Russia introduced the future World currency, a gold coin marked ‘Unity in Diversity’

It appears the innocent people are being attacked by both sides leaving them struggling to stay alive in the War-zone of their homes.

(PARENTAL ADVISORY: graphic violence)

Ukraine Crisis documentary exposes western-supported attacks on civilians in residential areas 

Age-restricted video 18+ warning:

If all this shelling and destruction is about natural gas deals, then these powers that be are totally demonic. Or like the description on the youtube video hints at, if this is just a test run for urban warfare everywhere then we all need to pay attention.

Coincidence Alert

The main players of the New World Order have been meeting in Munich and Minsk including the Eurozone heavyweights Germany and France with Ukraine and Russia, four-way talks with leaders like Merkel, Holland, Poroshenko, and Putin. Even special guests like George Soros and John McCain met with the King Chocolatier there. And the Ukraine regime instituting a military draft pushing for 100,000 more troops. An announcement out from the American President Obama hinted “The possibility of lethal defensive weapons is one of those options that is being examined” 

Coincidentally, last night news hit of a large mushroom cloud blast in Donetsk with Infowars immediately jumping to the theory of a tactical nuke, other reports quickly refuting theory;

it wasn’t a “tactical nuclear weapon,” as some social media users claimed, but just a big blast–reportedly Ukrainian army artillery fire hitting an ammunition depot

Epoch Times

Of course no one knows for certain and the possibility of a false flag remains, like why would multiple people already be filming to record the blast?


Prior knowledge? The massive destruction is probably not limited to militia-fighters hellbent on change. And to the innocent people that want to be independent of the New World Order, sorry that Canadian players have been involved in fomenting this terrible situation.



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