Coincidence Alert: Canada Foreign Affairs Minister resigns

John Baird in Ukraine occupy maidan

Foreign Affairs Minister leads Canadian contingent through Occupy Maidan coup d’état in Ukraine

Job opening: Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada) apply now!

Recently, former-Prime Minister of Australia and United Nations frontman Kevin Rudd arrived in Ottawa to meet with Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, headlines in the Canadian Press read:

John Baird touted by ex-Australian PM to help reform WHO

Kevin Rudd says the minister’s ‘pragmatic’ approach makes him an ideal fit, despite criticism Canada is distancing itself from the United Nations. (Toronto Star)

Kevin Rudd, Ex-Aussie PM, Wants Baird To Help Him Fix UN Organizations (Huffington Post)

Ex-Australian PM wants Canada’s tough-talking John Baird to help him fix WHO and the UN (National Post)

According to Canadian Press report:

Rudd says Baird’s tough-minded approach makes him a good fit as a partner over the next two years as he seeks concrete ways to make the WHO more efficient.

Rudd said he’s focusing on recommendations that will help make key UN institutions run better. That includes the decades-long aspiration to reform the Security Council, which has been hopelessly deadlocked on the Syrian crisis.

Then a few days later the Foreign Affairs Minister mysteriously resigns…

coincidence or globalist ploy?

Kevin Rudd is currently Chair of UN Commission on Multilateralism running a globalist think tank International Peace Institute in New York, did he offer John Baird an offer he couldn’t refuse? Or did he lay out a New World Order agenda plan that Baird didn’t want to go along with?

The House of Commons included a bi-partisan standing ovation and speeches in support of John Baird the outgoing minister. Regarded as a top lieutenant for Prime Minister Harper since 2006, filling in the roles of President of the Treasury Board, Environment Minister, Minister of Transport, and Foreign Affairs Minister over the years.

Speculation on the sudden resignation on February 3, 2015 have included a falling out with the CEO of Canada, adding up the electoral math didn’t equal an another majority, an adverse delayed reaction to the death of the Minister of Finance last year, mid-life crisis of a ‘polical lifer’ or a time for a change?

According to the Toronto Sun article:

There was speculation, though, that Baird was not bound for the UN but for an unspecified job in the private sector.

According to Toronto Star quote:

Friends say the time was right, that he began talking about getting out in private conversations before Christmas.

“Sometimes it is the money,’’ said one.

This could be a political shell game, with the reigning Conservative Party of Canada pretending to be an anti-UN option is actually a blue yoke of hypocrisy. Research reveals Conservative MPs and Senators have signed on to the campaign in support of a United Nations Parliament. (Laurie Hawn, Janis Johnson, Rose May Poirer, Michel Rivard, Nancy Ruth, Joy Smith, etc.)

Tories for World Government?

For additional research check out the The Ottawa Expositor videos on to the resignation scheme including Council on Foreign Relations CFR connections:



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