President Obama speaks to stars of youtube

Obama meets youtube stars 2015

On Thursday, January 22nd 2015 fresh off laying out the New World Order agenda during the State of the Union 2015 address the President of the U.S.A. met face-to-face in the White House with some of Youtube’s current stars, including GloZell Green

Any time for a selfie? Well shockingly these guests of the Commander-in-Chief have been racking up some major views on youtube, like GloZell Green’s current most popular upload is the Cinnamon Challenge at over 42 million views:

Bethany Mota teaches how to add some sparkle to spice up your room, almost 10 million views:

Hank Green of VLogBrothers channel about raising nerdy to the power of awesome, current most popular video questions the mating habits of giraffes with over-16 million views:

Look out for more of these staged events for the politics of the future as the race to the bottom continues upping the idoicracy of the mainstream.

Coincidentally, the most viewed video i’ve uploaded to youtube ‘Conspiracy Theory: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’ has received close to 500,000 views:

Hopefully President Obama will put this on his next youtube playlist.




2014 US Budget chart


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