Angry Beaver Radio (January 2015)

Angry Beaver Radio carbon septillionaires

Angry Beaver Radio starts the year off with an extreme cold alert from the frozen snowy blizzard referred to as global warming. While the carbon septillionaires of the New World Order push a global-to-local derivatives scam, the climate is turning ripe for truth. Listen to your favourite freedom sliders jet down the arctic desert mountains of bylaw enforcement with these archives for the month of January 2015… Happy new year TFR listeners! 

Saturday, January 3rd 2015

The Angry Beavers highlight the top conspiracies of 2014 including the illuminati low-lights like New World Order wins Mayor of Toronto, Standoff at the Bundy Ranch, HAARP Dismantled?, War of Terror, Missing jets, NSA leaks spying on social media, climatgedon hits Buffalo NY, Ferguson staged race riots for re-zoning scam, Biggest outbreak of the year: Ebola, Scottish Independence rigged vote, currency schemes, Bilderberg, and more… Listen to full show here: MP3

January 10th 2015

We are joined by Phil Ryerson, a recent mayoral candidate in the city of Hamilton election and now considering a run for the Green Party, topics include local politics and motion for OPP oversight of local police, and a ban on toboggans:

January 17th 2015

Featuring guest Ryan Elson of discussion includes topics like toboggans or drones? fluoride in the water, vaccine exemption forms on, Je suis Charlie Hebdo a perverted magazine, and an ITCCS court room located near the Tower of Babel of the New World Order, plus audio interference hits hard like levitation… Listen to full show here: MP3

January 24th 2015

The Angry Beavers chew apart Fuhrer Obamas Reich of the Union speech addressing Climate Change. We discuss the smart meters that have been causing fires and now some are slated to be removed and replaced. We discuss Vaccine manufacturer liability as well as the pharmacy’s liability for pushing this stuff without disclosing what is in it or potential side effects. We also discuss the Toboggan Police that Police that are rearing their ugly head in the Globalist occupied country formerly known as Canada. We also touch on the trend of riding E-bikes and motorcycles in the winter time in Canada as sustainable UN compliant winter transit or just plain suicidal?

January 31st 2015

U.S. Independent guest Susanne Posel joins us to discuss Al Gores $90 trillion dollar plan, driver-less cars, Russian State funded propaganda also known as Kremlin Today or RT and much more.

Check out Susanne’s website Occupy Corporatism

Why Victoria Nuland’s Comment on RT Upset Alternative Media

Why You Should Care About Predatory Shadow Banking

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