Angry Beaver Radio (December 2014)

Angry Beaver Radio interview meme

Four citizens get snowed in, in an Agenda 21 compliant hobbit hole in the North, will your vigilant heroes survive the New World Order onslaught or get lost in the murky winds of saturnalia, you decide with the archives of Angry Beaver Radio for the month of December in the year of 2014.

December 6th 2014

Bureau of Toboggans Tobacco and Vaporizers

We discuss a $5000.00 fine for tobogganing down a hill in Canadastan. We also talk about the smoking and vaporizing bans in the brave new Nanny State of Canadastan. Links below.
$5,000 Fine For Tobogganing In Hamilton? / Nanny State Gone Wild! $5,000 Fine For Tobogganing In Hamilton?Hamilton city bylaw 01-029

Santa Heisenberg’s outer space adventures

December 13th 2014

It’s the Brave New Trivia Game Show Your Freedoms in Jeopardy! 

December 20th 2014

Angry Beaver Radio panel discusses the media hype surrounding celebrities effected by childhood vaccination illnesses like Angelina Jolie with Chicken Pox in Hollywood and Sidney Crosby with Mumps in the NHL, leading to shocking calls for all adults to be re-vaccinated… the Booster Shot is the Pandemic

don’t believe the two-party system hype, actually two-sides of the same party

SONY hack attack hoax exposed

2014/12/20 Angry Beaver Radio talks about The Interview hack movie hype blamed on North Korea as an attack on internet freedom Worldwide, plus social media spy grid, Sony revealed as Southern Oil of New York, Dennis Rodman and the New World Order

December 27th 2014

UNESCO and the Brave New School system

We are joined by Marcia from the west coast of Canada. We talk about the school system and the various ways we are being brainwashed, programed and indoctrinated. This is no coincidence. The UN and UNESCO have been on the forefront of this global programming for decades. We also discuss Robert Muller’s Brave New Schools that also touches this subject.

You can find Marcia’s youtube channels here MfromCanada1 AND TraitorsBeware

Angry Beaver on Truth Frequency Radio

Angry Beaver Radio on wordpress on youtube on tune-in



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