2014 Personal Year in Review

DL 2014 Breaking Bad in Gotham

For what is your life? It is even a vapour,


Highlight of the year was trip to the UK, with stops in London, Inverness, and Edinburgh, for a good friend’s wedding. I got to see some of the history, culture, local connections, and Independence of Scotland campaign (also see: Top conspiracies of the Year below) in my first voyage overseas to the Old World.

postcards from Scotland to the PDT

in Loch Ness, Scotland

Seeking the truth in Loch Ness, Scotland (photos by Chuck Lee)

Other runner-up highlights of the year included the surprise appearance of Pay Day… I’m in Charge Achieve Radio host Bob Dobbs in Toronto, this research is getting real:

Also the Raptors vs. Nets playoff game 7 (although the result was a record close loss, byte the vibe was tremendous) during the Hot Docs 2014 film festival, wow:

2014 game 7 hot docs raptors

May 4th 2014

Movies of the Year

This year was the first year that I kept a written record of the names of all the movies I watched in theatres, my main hobby with the most frequent being the local Humber Cinemas. Check out the list below for movie titles, theatres, and highlighted in purple recommendations for movies I thought best or want to watch again.

Humber Cinemas

The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug


300: Rise of an Empire



Captain America 2: Winter Soldier

Amazing Spiderman 2



X-Men Days of Future Past

Edge of Tomorrow

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Guardians of the Galaxy (*twice*)

22 Jump Street

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Expendables 3

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

The Equalizer

Gone Girl

The Judge


Hunger Games: Mocking Jay (part 1)


The Hobbit 3: the Battle of the Five Armies

ScotiaBank Theatre


A Walk Amongst the Tombs

Varcity Cinema

The Culture High

Eden Court Theatre


Hot Docs Cinema

Particle Fever

Doc Now: Ryerson Masters of Documentary festival

The Decent One


Hot Docs Festival (various theatres, downtown Toronto)

To Be Takei


Ski Bums

The Great Invisible

Super Duper Alice Cooper


Bronx Obama

Happy Valley

The Internets Own Boy

An Honest Liar

Leave Them Laughing

The Engineer

The Sheik



The HD screen is the window in your room with a dream state flicker rate. Some shows I watched and would recommend on TV included True Detective, Leftovers, Broadwalk Empire (series finale), Ray Donovan, Game of Thrones, Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Marvel Agents of SHIELD, Orphan Black.

I also viewed the James Bond movies on demand as part of the 50 years of Bond 1963-2013 anniversary display, the full series of Breaking Bad after a toy with a bag of blue rocks stirred up controversy, Falling Skies, Homeland first two seasons, and the first five seasons of Sons of Anarchy. All exposing different aspects of the N.W.O.

Top conspiracies of the year

Missing airplanes and inter-dimensional portals, The New World Order wins Mayor of Toronto, The resurrection of Rob Ford, Ottawa false-flag in the War of Terror, Christ’s Forgiveness street preacher charged, Ontario Liberals majority stage of tyranny, shades of World War 3, Ebola outbreak, Scottish Independence rigged vote, SONY hack attack an inside job, Anti-police race riot staged anarchy, New World Order torture program revealed, and the cannabis business goes mainstream. To name just a few…

Favourite Album of the Year

‘Connecticut Casual’ by Apathy – the conspiracy is realer, your favourite rapper is a freemason that featured the single of the year Curse of the Kennedys:

Dopechef Media

Bigger than ever, this years coverage highlight included a voyage to Windsor, Ontario, for the return of Marc Emery to Canada after years as a prisoner in the USA, with Dopechef being credited with Special Thanks & Additional Footage by the World’s leading news source VICE, plus a ride in the 420 weed limousine service with an appearance on TMZ the Mernahuana Zone



Although there’s been less presentations than in previous years, the plot points on Deep Space Nine have been ripe with conspiracies like differences and similarities between Odo and Quark. Field trips included a 3d selfie studio and MTL the 514.


Angry Beaver Radio

Words from the angry beaver panel had consistency sounding almost everyday Saturday this year, first on the now-defunct Orion Talk Radio with a quick move-on-up to Truth Frequency Radio. Now every Saturday 3-5pm (EST) tune in to TruthFrequency.com for shows exposing the global-to-local New World Order from a global warming tundra called the Canadastan.

Conspiracy Culture

2014 saw Conspiracy Culture change physical locations from Queen near Roncesvalles up to Bloor near Landsdowne. Some excellent speakers appearances included Brain O’Dea, Sydney White, Judy Vary Baker, and now seen by 68,000+plus on youtube Jim Marrs making his Canadian debut.

Most exciting might’ve been the Follow the Truth Conspiracy Show summit in Oshawa hosted by Richard Syrett with Conspiracy Culture as a vendor, look out for more of these main events in the future.

Reasoning Conspiracy

This blog has been viewed by about 10 sold-out performances of the Sydney Opera House, with the top 5 most popular posts re: Michael Ruppert, Abby Martin, Belle Knox, Wolfgang Halbig, and the Ultimate Warrior. The conspiracy is Worldwide and so are the viewers of ReCon blog. Much respect

ReCon 2014 views by country stats

Lowlight of the Year

Recovery bogged down by the overwhelming sense of not being able to get everything done, including editing uploading videos, filming. TorontoTruthSeekers coverage of events, protests, and some interviews remain unseen, will need to take a renewed approach in the new year. It’s not over yet.



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