Ontario Exposed: P3’s and smart meter scams

Ontario Liberals billion dollar schemes

The front page headline of the Toronto Star yesterday was notable, as the Star is known for being a left-leaning liberal newspaper so the press given to exposing the Liberal Party of Ontario’s agenda is unusually significant.

The source of the exposure is the Auditor General of Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk (MBA, CPA, CA, LPA) who released her 600 page report yesterday Auditor General’s 2014 Annual Report

Although it’s a surprise to see this info hit the mainstream it’s no surprise to truthseekers that the government is fronting long-term scams. Just check out the set of Press Releases that the Auditor General’s office released yesterday, it’s like a what’s what of the global-to-local agenda:

Ontario Auditor General reveals NWO menu

Auditor General of Ontario reveals NWO menu

Each one of these headlines could be dissected for conspiracy research, like these…


P3’s are the economic model of choice of the New World Order, also known as Public-Private Partnerships. Endorsed by all levels of government and both sides of the ‘left-right’ paradigm. P3’s have long been known as a scheme to privatize profits while the public gets hit with the costs, now the auditor general’s numbers back-up these thoughts. Including $23.5 billion in liabilities and commitments, additional $5 billion in total public debt, tangible costs nearly $8 billion higher

 “About $6.5 billion of this is due to higher private-sector financing costs.” Lysyk said following the release of the Report.

Smart Meters

Like the rest of the ‘civilized World’ Ontario is being plugged in with wifi smart-meters for hydro-electricity, water, gas, any utility the government’s got is going to be or already is a radioactive transmission device. This is a long term global agenda apparently Ontario has been leading the way since 2004 rolling out 4.8 million smart meters at great expense. As of May 2014, overall costs related to implementing smart metering in Ontario had reached $1.9 billion. With additional costs to ratepayers to come, a typical residential electricity bill can vary between $108 and $196 per month due to differing delivery costs. 

“projected net benefit of $600 million was overstated by at least $512 million,”

However most important overall is the provinces growing debt burden. According to the report the province’s net debt is soaring “We estimate that total debt will exceed $340 billion by 2017/18 (it was at $295.8 billion on March 31, 2014)”

“To put this in perspective, to eliminate Ontario’s 2017-18 estimated net debt, every man, woman and child in Ontario would need to contribute $23,000 to the provincial coffers,” Lysyk said in her report.

National Post | December 9, 2014



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