The Chemtrail Girls


Last weekend this blog was alerted to a new Chemtrail Awareness Campaign that’s appeared on the subways and weekly papers here in Toronto. Via a lead from a comment on that article I’ve researched that the Chemtrail Girls are real and for further verification check out this two-part video interview from Snowshoe Documentary Films:

Chemtrail Girls (part 1)

Watch out for the Chemtrail Girls. They’re out to wake you up, or rather ‘create awareness.’ The’ve hosted a booth at a popular farmers market in Orillia, Ontario. They distribute free informational material, as well as books and DVDs on a donation basis. They put up a chemtrail billboard along a key north-south Ontario highway. In this first of a two-part video, Suzanne, co-founder of Chemtrail Girls (with Dorina Iovescu), offers a quick introduction to the real world that an examination of chemtrails provokes. She reviews the work of Elana Freeland and her important book, “Chemtrails, HAARP, and Full Spectrum Dominance”. Original music, ‘Chemtrail Skies’ by Obzerv

Chemtrail Girls (part 2) antidotes

‘Chemtrail Girls: They’re trying to kill us (some antidotes)’. With chemtrail posters on the Toronto subway system, a full-page ad in Toronto’s weekly NOW magazine, highway billboards, farmers’ market stalls and their internet presence, the Chemtrail Girls are determined to create awareness, including offering antidotes to the multiple poisons inflicted on the public. Suzanne concludes her remarks, “What I would like to see is a top down removal of government systems because clearly they are all culpable; they’re all complicit, they’re all involved. And not just the government, there’s the military, the universities. This is all very interrelated — so I would like to see the spraying stopped and the people responsible punished.” (part 2 of 2) Music by Obzerv. snowshoefilms / yoryevrah


Toronto appreciates the increased awareness this local campaign has brought to the issue of chemtrails, geo-engineering, or solar radiation management. Bringing to mind some past local awareness events like the 2013 Global March Against Chemtrails and the 2011 screening of What In The World Are They Spraying?, Toronto, Canada keep looking’ up! 

Global March Against Chemtrails in Toronto 8.25.2013 

‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’ ✈ Canadian Première Review


Respect The Chemtrail Girls

Stop GeoEngineering The Chemtrail Girls'


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