Angry Beaver Radio (November 2014)

Angry Beaver Radio booty

11/2014 Broadcasting live from a frozen dam surrounded by tundra blamed on man-made global warming, the angry beaver panel is back on Truth Frequency Radio. With a rare month of November featuring 5 Saturdays of gnawing truth research and New World Order chronicles. There is no exit:

November 1st 2014

Angry Beaver radio discusses the Canadian conspiracy of Jian Ghomeshi CBC. Fifty shades of Jian or How everyday is Rex Manning Day at the CBC

We discuss President Obola’s decision to send 1500 troops to Iraq, the war he claims to have ended. Mission Accomplished!

November 8th 2014

Angry Beaver Radio discussion on Remembrance Day in Canada and the new ‘white poppies for peace’ campaign, and the War of Terror in Ottawa.

Detroit’s food stamp highway and bridge to Canada, and Canada’s paying the bill for it. Welcome to the new economy. Trade you a ketchup packet for a relish packet.

I’m on a highway to hell from Canada to Detroit and its burning a hole in my wallet.

November 15th 2014

Angry Beaver Radio with guest Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism. We discuss the G 20 meeting in Australia, flame retardant foods, Facebook scam, the hottest gift of the holiday season the Selfie Stick to get totally wacked, and much more…

A Brave New Christmas | Once again the Christmas season is upon us and we are in for a real treat this year with the selfie boom stick for all those narcissists out there is sure to be a hot seller. Santa is working overtime for the NSA and his elves are collecting food stamps because the Government outsourced their jobs to children in Chinese factories that have suicide nets on the outside of them. This year is sure to be a brave new Christmas like none other.

The Angry Beaver Radio crew discusses the upcoming Santa Claus Parade conspiracy with origins of X-mas as Saturnalia

Booze World Order on Angry Beaver Radio Looking to listen to the full how archive? Support TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO

November 22nd 2014

Snowmageddon 2014 special We discuss the lake effect snow pounding the great lakes area and the claims that it is caused by climate change. I’m dreaming of a brave new Christmas with carbon taxes on the snow.

snowmeggedon alert Angry Beaver Radio

We discuss the lake effect snow pounding the great lakes area and the claims that it is caused by climate change. We also talk about the JFK assassination 51 years ago. We also talk about the situation in Ferguson and the potential riots and much more. Could Mark Potok of the SPLC be Americas #1 racist? we discuss all that as well as George Soros, Stephen Harper, Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine situation.

November 29th 2014

BLACK SATURDAY SPECIAL talk on the N.W.O. riots in Ferguson, the chaos of Black Friday consumerism, Kinder-Morgan exposed Suzuki roars, Gold and precious metals wealth store, & more…  


Listen to Angry Beaver Radio on Tune In live Saturdays 3 – 5 pm EST and at Truth Frequency Radio


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