Chemtrail Awareness Campaign

Recently I’ve been alerted to two Facebook groups Toronto Truth Movement and The Chemtrail Girls, both promoting a recent local awareness campaign about chemtrails. Apparently the ‘Stop Geoengineering @ The Chemtrail Girls’ Ads are running on the TTC and also appeared in the popular free weekly paper Now Magazine last week.

Stop GeoEngineering The Chemtrail Girls'

The Chemtrail Girls ttc banner

I don’t know who The Chemtrail Girls are but a banner on Conspiracy Culture and links on The Global March Against Geo-Engineering endorse this campaign as well so there might be something here.

Stop GeoEngineering subway ad



3 thoughts on “Chemtrail Awareness Campaign

  1. Hello, I am Suzanne Maher, one half of The Chemtrail Girls. Please visit our Facebook Forum, we are also on twitter. We are spreading Chemtrail Awareness in Toronto, Orillia and Lake Muskoka. Our TTC ad campaign is up in Toronto till December 17th and NOW Magazine till December 11th. We also have a billboard up in Lake Muskoka. Please view the two interviews I have done with Snowshoe Films on the subject. I have attached the first interview.

  2. There’s a ton of room in the USA for people who don’t accept reasonable and logical thinking. Please , I beg you , leave canada and go live in the southern USA where other people believe your nonsense.

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