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Arrow Gotham Flash Shield 2014 TV is back and the top shows on television are inspired by classic comic books and characters. The shows include Arrow, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gotham, and The Flash. So while it’s neat to see the characters of your childhood being realized in motion picture, it’s also worthwhile to consider the New World Order agenda if watching. Here’s some thoughts on each series.


This is the best of the series of modern set in a Gotham City of the past where everything is corrupt and crime-ridden, including the entire police force except Detective Gordon who along with his partner caught the case of the Wayne family murder. Leaving Bruce Wayne as a young orphan with a huge inheritance. One episode even had a plot involving illuminati conspiracy to kidnap the youth of Gotham’s one-per-cent, and another dealt with trafficking of street kids. Also the local gangsters are at war and Detective Gordon is the one good cop Serpico character. Although it’s supposed to be a Gotham of the past, read any of the daily papers in North America and you’ll see the show portrays a city of the present.

Arrow and The Flash

These DC comic inspired series appear to be connected, with Green Arrow and The Flash as classic members of the Justice League of America. So the main characters relationship was revealed in the debut of The World’s fastest man’s show this year and a few episodes later guest starring crossover character Felicity Smoak. Felicity Smoak tight skirt Felicity Smoak penetrates fine Felicity Smoak tight assets Felicity Smoak hot Felicity Smoak sensual Felicity Smoak is the bodacious assistant, secretary, hacker, and tech-store customer service rep for Oliver Queen Industries, providing technical support for the crime fighting hero Arrow.

The Super-Hero Green Arrow has a similar story pattern with Bruce Wayne, as an elite vigilanti that takes his own initiative to rid the streets of crime. Sterling City like Gotham, Oliver Queen like Bruce Wayne, and both trained by a secret order lead by Ras Al-Ghoul. The Arrow draws appearances of a modern day Robin Hood, did you know the legend of Robin Hood was encouraged by his appearance in the 1819 novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott about a secret brotherhood the Knights Templar crusaders…

Just a coincidence?

The inciting incident of The Flash is a particle accelerator disaster, putting the worst-case scenario for the CERN reactor fictionally into a major American-style city called Central City. Like playing god with particles leads to the creation of mutant demigods who, aside from The Flash a few others, all appear as demonic villains. In reality the CERN reactor is located under a remote border of Switzerland/France and said to be controlled by the European elite nuclear research Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire and Vatican templars and/or Octagon.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

SHIELD's top agent is Agent May

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division’s top agent


Agent May in a négligée

Agent May in a négligée

This show about a shadow government agency that tracks and hunts mutants might appear as a soft-front for the New World Order, is probably more accurate in reverse. With the main villains of the show being the Forth Reich front-group known as HYDRA, appearing to operate more like current government intelligence agencies do in reality, and SHIELD holding hopes for justice with faith, battling austerity and in-fighting much like the ‘truth movement’ of today.


# Hashtag of the New World Order #


What if Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a reality series, would SHIELD be a shadow truth movement and would HYDRA be like the New World Order 4th Reich of modern day?

Shield vs Hydra - Think Reverse

Shield vs Hydra – Think Reverse…


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