War of Terror in Ottawa for the Truth


With the events of October 22nd 2014 in Ottawa, Canada slowly fading away from the collective memory of the masses it’s important to stay open to research. With the quickness that the media jumped to conclusions on this crime it’s easy to question the ‘facts’ as presented. But what if the manipulation has reached a deeper level? Are you prepared to consider a staged ‘infighting’ battle within the truth movement itself?

As reported in the post ‘Canada Terror an Inside Job’ Even the so-called truth movement is not immune from the psy-ops as the controversy between Press For Truth and Radio Free Revolution exposes. Arguments over an event of uncertainty will not be resolved, so how can anyone be certain this was a conspiracy or that there isn’t more to the story?

One thing that seems certain is that both PFT & FRR are in agreement that the events in Ottawa are being used by Canada for a Patriot-Act style police-state lockdown similar to the American response to 9/11 attacks. So with differing viewpoints on the event, key footage still unreleased, and the accused terrorist links to ISIS not unveiled it seems like unknowns. Don’t fall into the divide and conquer game of picking sides when the possibility that this conflict is a set-up is still viable. Keep researching +plus stay tuned to a hint at the end.

Press for Truth vs. Free Radio Revolution

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth or Infowars is a well known Canadian documentary filmmaker and truth media personality. Although on the day-of presented a skeptical notion with the possibility of an inside job, after traveling to Ottawa himself and appearing on some live-on-the-scene interviews with Alex Jones the tune began to change. Five days later PFT put out a video questioning the ‘online trolls’ who are suggesting this was a false-flag staged event.

Consider these videos from /weavingpsider Press For Truth

 “Don’t get me wrong it’s good to keep an open mind, but don’t keep it so open that your brain falls out.”

Justin Bryant of Max Resistance roundtable or Free Radio Revolution or the Ottawa Expositor is lesser known but has almost as many subscribers and about 3-million more views than /weavingspider. Presents a skeptical view of the Ottawa shooting releasing daily videos exposing the ‘Ottawa Hoax’ and the state of affairs in brainwashed Canada.

Consider these videos from the Ottawa Expositor /freeradiorevolution

Remember to beware of staged-event crisis actors points and be careful not to fall into the Dallas Gold Bug trap where everyone from any event reported on the news is really from the elite Greenberg family posing as an acting troupe from Pema County AZ, including Dan Dicks who plays the role of the leader of Hamas? Some theories might go too far into the abyss of doubt.

hint: read between the lines:



Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

Proverbs 23:23 King James Bible



War of Terror in Ottawa Canada


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