Angry Beaver Radio (October 2014)

Angry Beaver Radio 2014

Autumn leaves of fall reveal more bark for the Angry Beavers on TruthFrequencyRadio from an Agenda 21 bio-sustainable dam in the centre of Canadastan. With the Province of Ontario broke in-debt and hosting municipal elections and the City of Toronto stalled on public transit as the entire World is under threat of staged terror and ebola vaccines…

Listen to the Angry Beaver Radio show archives:

Saturday October 4th 2014

We discuss the ongoing Ebola mania , Pandemic? False flag? Psychological operation? Is the CDC really this incompetent or are they trying to spread Ebola or the fear of Ebola intentionally?

Saturday October 11th 2014

We discuss Toronto’s mayoral candidate Olivia Chow’s plans of bringing flying trains to Toronto. It is so ridiculous you can’t make this stuff up. Toronto votes: New World Order wins.

Saturday October 18th 2014

We discuss the Province of Ontario’s bailout of the MARS Research Centre as a front for Cobra, the Pan Am-Games, Ebola global tours, flying trains in the City of Toronto elections , Obama credit card declined and online monetary scams.

Saturday October 25th 2014

We discuss the recent shooting in Ottawa, the ongoing Ebola hype as well as municipal and provincial politics in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.


Listen to Angry Beaver Radio on Tune In live Saturdays 3 – 5 pm EST and at Truth Frequency Radio



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