Toronto Votes: New World Order wins!

Doug Ford and Olivia Chow tour a TCH complex on Oct 20 2014

Doug Ford and Olivia Chow, leading candidates for Mayor of Toronto

Either way you vote the New World Order wins

John Tory

The perceived front runner appears to be walking into the Mayor’s chair having lead almost every poll since the race for Mayor started. He’s put the work in, attending almost every debate (and for some reason they were debating almost every night in the Summer). He’s reppin’ the N.W.O. hard this campaign with a ‘SmartTrack‘ plan to electrify the Metrolinx Go-Train lines and run TTC subway trains on them. A highly ambitious project that is unfunded and would be a massive undertaking 53 KM, 22 new stations and 5 interchanges.

Going for broke? Another reason Tory is a prime N.W.O. candidate for Mayor is that his plan could leave the City of Toronto as bad off as the province of Ontario. Debt. John Tory’s career includes working for Ted Rogers. Rogers built his successful company on debt, read High Wire Act: Ted Rogers and the Empire that Debt Built. Tory also has controversy as director of Charter Communications 2001-2009, an American cable company considered to be the 4th largest until it filed for a prearranged Chapter 11 bankruptcy with $21-billion in debt. In the real world of business he presided over one of the largest bankruptcies in America, #14 on Forbes list 2010Is increased debt in Toronto’s future?

John Tory charter communications bankruptcy

John Tory, leading candidate for Mayor of Toronto and Charter Comm. Inc. bankruptcy

Overall John Tory represents the most unsurprising choice for Mayor there is, a lawyer with a shady past, a business tycoon in the cable and internet gouge, and a seasoned political player with Conservative leanings. This area of Toronto, Ontario has been run by the Tories since the days of the family compact running York, Upper Canada. The fact that Mr. Tory’s last name is Tory is either a total coincidence or show of fate.

Doug Ford

The prohibitionist City Councillor has a clear shot of winning with the biggest endorsement in the City (from his brother the current Mayor) and the support of Ford Nation behind him. Although at times he seems like he’s in the race because his ailing brother Rob Ford asked him to run, he’s clearly presenting himself as an everyman and framing his opponents as rich elitists. Doug Ford himself is a successful businessman through inheritance and his wife and daughters appear to live a life of luxury. As a City Councillor Mr. Ford claims to have nobly donated his salary to charity, he could afford this because he maintained his actually full-time job as CEO of DECO Labels, an international corporation that Doug is said to have spearheaded an expansion into the U.S. market. It is unclear if Doug Ford will resign from the company if he becomes Mayor.

For all the controversy with the Ford Nation being linked to crime and admitted drug culture it’s easy to paint them as a type of Boardwalk Empire political gang. But at the heart of the Vote Ford Mayor campaign is the most ambitious underground Subway plan in recent history. Although a few different funding options are suggested the most important might be the top of the list P3s the New World Order’s preferred choice of socialism for private gain also known as Public-Private Partnerships. Other than subways, also Casinos, Ferris Wheel, and an NFL franchise/stadium, could be in the mix with Ford More Years.

Olivia Chow

Will likely do well in the election as the only mainstream candidate representing ‘The Left’ as a career NDP member, celebrated as an artist, activist, and socialist. Olivia Chow has received the endorsements of the major unions and some protest radicals. The media and polls have written her off as a failure to connect with voters. Although her experience as an immigrant has made waves in the race, with accusations of Toronto voters being racist. It is curious that the media and other candidates haven’t challenged her nationalist plan of  making a Toronto a trading hub for the RMB yuan sign ¥ Renminbi the currency of China. It’s obvious if any one asked her about this they would be setting themselves up to be called a racist, but really why does Olivia Chow only talk about her old homeland? Why not make Toronto a trading hub for the Swiss Franc or Gold Dinar or any new Shekel that’s out there. Will luring a few rich Chinese people to Toronto help at all with the poverty in China?

Olivia Chow is running a globalist campaign around combing all the agencies of the City of Toronto under one super-bureau named ‘Global Toronto’. Chow’s transit plan might be the cheapest for Toronto but relies heavily on an indebted province to pay for an LRT system in Scarborough that would be built by crown corporation Metrolinx. At a debate she even had people guessing with a napkin plan for trains that could ‘fly through buildings’

Ari Goldkind

Only included on this list because he’s been promoted as the leading ‘Fringe’ candidate. Running on a 50-cents a day tax on everyone in Toronto to pay for a $57-billion transit expansion and lift all Toronto youth out of poverty. Ari Goldkind is known as a lawyer that does TV commercials making his repetitive just 50-cents a day seem like a feed the children infomercial. The media has built his name up and not the other 60+ fringe candidates so look out for more from this pro-taxer in future elections.

for only 50 cents a day


Although the mainstream media like VICE would have you believe that voting for someone other than the big 3 is spoiling your ballet, I prefer to vote for any other choice then the ones being chosen for you. I really don’t believe that Tory, Ford, Chow, or Goldkind, will do much to stop the New World Orders future expansion of stacking, packing, and gridlocking Toronto. So as a form of protest I’d recommend everyone vote for an alternative candidate, personally i’ve chosen to vote for a friend, political activist, and champion of cannabis, MATT MERNAGH.

I think if most people voted for an ‘other candidate’ not the names the establishment is feeding us it’d put a hinge in the order’s plan. Maybe even get some unknown candidates confident to run an unestablished campaign in the future. Of course voting for an established candidate is a sort of Old World Order choice, so making your own choice a ‘fringe’ candidate is itself a New World Order type of vote. So vote as you see fit and hope for the best as Toronto ushers in the New World Order.


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