In support of Toronto Police

Toronto Police blinky car

Recently a series of critical posts on ReCon blog have dealt with the issue of police functioning as modern-day Sheriff of Nottinghams, with corruption, asset theft, and revenue-generation models. But we must give credit where it’s due.

Chief Blair endorses legalization of cannabis


The Chief of Toronto Police revealed his support for CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)’s recent call for the legalization and regulation of cannabis, William Blair is highly encouraged by this proposal.

Police at christs forgiveness demonstration

Frontline officers supported the rights of Christians at Dundas Square

Escorting the first ever ‘Stop Bullying Christians Now!’ demonstration and march. Ironically the demonstration was organized in response to Pastor David Lynn a recognized street preacher in Toronto getting a ticket from the police who also seized his amplifier. Among the 4-6 officers at the rally was the officer that issued the ticket itself. When a few people tried to interrupt the scene the police stepped in and defused the situation. And the bike cops even closed down one-lane of traffic on Yonge street allowing for the 50-or-so Christian supporters to march from Dundas Square to Queen, and then to City Hall.

Much respect for these recent happenings…


One thought on “In support of Toronto Police

  1. The Toronto District School Board in Canada allows corruption.

    Roselands Junior Public School is a government-funded elementary school in proximity to marginalized ethnic communities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    There’s no other way to say this. The Principal of Roselands Junior Public School, Mrs Jill Norman, with the help of her cronies at the Toronto District School Board, are trying to censor a number of Youtube videos which appear to be recordings between several TDSB staff members.

    The way to defeat totalitarianism in the Toronto District School Board is not to censor Youtube videos , but to tell the truth.

    The recognition of the fact that a journalist called Roselands Junior Public School on September 15, 2014 and had his phone calls disconnected at Principal’s knowledge shows how unprofessional some of the Toronto District School Board employees conduct themselves as public sector workers.

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