Religious Profiling at Yonge and Dundas

Religious Profiling at Yonge and Dundas

The City of Toronto is dipping into religious intolerance with the latest developments at Yonge and Dundas square, with renowned street preacher David Lynn on charges of amplified busking. A case of religious profiling on the streets of Toronto sees a posse of Toronto bike cops ticket the minister in midst of his service… Court case scheduled for October 16th 2014

David Lynn has been at this for years and has been a commentator on the Michael Coren show on Sun News TV. This recent development lead to controversial host Ezra Levant doing a full profile on David Lynn of Dundas Square Church, even helping with attractive legal support.


Charles McVety of Canadian Christian College, a friend of David Lynn, appeared on the Michael Coren show to discuss this incident. Noting that Lynn has experienced many examples of religious profiling and police targeting of Christians.

Is this isn’t some nefarious plot by the police to go and just subvert Christian preachers? No. But when there is a complication because he’s a Christian? Yes, they come down hard on him.

See: Compilation of Religious Bullying/Profiling against Toronto Christians

Even the Toronto Truth Seekers recorded evidence of this routine intolerance by the local constabulary.

As the sinister forces move against the promoters of the word it’s important to support freedom of expression in public spaces. The minister David Lynn is known for Christ’s Forgiveness Ministry, Dundas Square Church, and the groundbreaking campaign Christian Positive Space that encourages open and accepting environments for believers.

The date is set for this seminal court case about the future of freedom of speech at Yonge and Dundas, October 16th 2014.


Christ’s Forgiveness


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