Chemtrail Hoax Revealed

2014 Chemtrail Hoax

This week a video surfaced on Facebook featuring an airplane wing spraying something at a high altitude. The cellular video went viral in the truth conspiracy research circles, garnering over 900,000 views and 17,000+ shares. The video poster, Chris Bovey, also described being detained at Heathrow Airport. Here are some quotes:

I filmed this on a plane, what the fuck are they spraying from the airplane wing?

Finally got home to Devon. Detained by military security at Heathrow. iPhone confiscated. I tried to explain I uploaded it from the plane after it landed and that the video was already online, but they wouldn’t listen. 8 hours in a holding cell. FML

I wish it didn’t, it was fucking annoying and that iPhone is worth over £500.

Here’s a re-up’d copy of the original Facebook video, what’s being sprayed?


On October 2nd 2014, the guy who allegedly filmed the incident Chris Bovey appeared on Volcania Radio with Richie Allen on the David Icke radio network. Bovey ‘came clean’ and admitted that the whole thing was a made-up hoax, the video was only a fuel-dump and that he was never detained by airport police. He explained that he doesn’t believe in geo-enginering and has been watching contrails since the 1970s. He told the host he did it to show how eager for evidence to support their views that they’ll share and believe in lies. Both, Chris Bovey and Richie Allen, agreed that everyone should verify their research.

Chris Bovey said he never tried to hide the fact that he’d been to South America on vacation, and that people didn’t research the flight. The scientific-debunking site Metabunk reported:

On Tuesday September 30th, 2014, flight BA244 from Buenos Aires, Argentina to London, UK, was diverted to Sao Paulo shortly after departure, due to an unusual odor in the cabin. As the 777 was fully loaded with fuel for the long flight, it was unable to immediately land, as it was over-weight. So the plane had to dump fuel until it reached a safe landing weight.

On top of the reality that some truthers got duped is the reality that the David Icke network and scientific-debunking website exposed the hoax. Beware of a greater deception, because things are not always what they seem. The hoaxer encouraged listeners to double check his Facebook page so I did some extra research, and did indeed find photos of a vacation to South America:

Chemtrails Hoax debunked echelon station

Lama stares at goats project echelon

A search of the name Chris Bovey brings up a VICE UK page on successful cannabis users suggests he’s a 41 year-old executive of a mail order cannabis seed company and founder of Angel Bird, manufacturer of solid-state hard drives, and regular user of cannabis but not addicted. These Chris Bovey’s appear to be the same guy:

Chris-Bovey-successful cannabisSome comments of the Facebook feed might’ve suggest this was a joke bet that went too far ‘Imagine betraying the world for £150’? A noticeable post on Chris Bovey Facebook from just 4 weeks ago hints at stumbling on to a secret plan of the illuminati:

masonic takeover plan revealed

The host Richie Allen made a clear request that Chris Bovey watch the movie What In the World Are They Spraying? before rushing to judgement. How deep this conspiracy goes someone knows. There’s a chance this was a set-up to promote the new Volcania radio show trying to cause a seismic shift in the current paradigm. Who knows how far the controversial David Icke network is willing to go. Stay vigilant and keep looking up.

They are everywhere.
Further research: Man Claimed He Was Detained At Heathrow For Filming Chemtrails Hoax

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