Ford Nation and the resurrection

“I could be facing the battle of a lifetime…”

Mayor Rob Ford last night before going to hospital

the Mayor in public last seen before going to the hospital

Rob Ford critical update

Leading candidate for Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has been admitted to hospital and registered as a candidate for Ward 2 Etobicoke North. Citing serious health concerns and the possible fight of a lifetime. As things appear dire a contender steps forward to run, Councillor Doug Ford for Mayor of Toronto.

The coincidence theories are many with a possible well-laid conspiracy. Was this a calculated move to avoid a shocking fall of Ford Nation on October 27th? Or was the doctor who first talked to reporters about the Mayor’s condition actually a partisan plant? Dr. Devlin CEO of hospital where Rob Ford first treated once vocal critic of John Tory


The situation is critical the Mayor of Toronto is interned in a hospital somewhere in Toronto undergoing testing for what’s been described as an abdominal tumour. The hearts and prayers of Torontonians are with his worship for a clean diagnosis within a week. But how did we reach this point?

A series of recent happenings include more major endorsements for the campaign and unfortunatly fulfilling predictions from ReCon blog:

rob ford at jesus in the city

In the final week of August 2014 the Mayor earned the endorsement of many Toronto christians who hold him responsible for allowing the 15th annual Jesus in the City parade. This parade features Zombie Halloween march element of people acting out the torturous sacrifice of Christ. So this year after the parade was denied a permit by a crumbling city, it was the Mayor who is said to have demanded the parade go on.

“God did a miracle there was a change of heart in the City officials and we are here today… this banner says Thanks Mayor Ford for saving the Jesus in the City parade.”

Dr. Charles McVety, of Canada Christian College.

The campaign for ‘Ford more years’ Rob Ford announced the most ambitious socialist mega-project in Toronto history with the plans for an expansion of the subway by 32 KM.

Rob Ford runs on Subways platform

plans for 2 phases of 32 KM of new track, but where’s the new stations?

Rob Ford riding the Sheppard subway sept 8th 2014

Just when the debates started heating up (TRBOT mayoral debate) Rob Ford no-showed a few to run around the hood campaigning in the Jane and Finch area.

While the Mayor appeared to be shaping up and on the run, having lost weight since his rehab sabbatical.

Rob Ford doing stretches at City Hall, Toronto

Mayor Ford doing stretches on staircase at City Hall

Toronto is famous around the World for it’s legendary Mayor and International Film Festival

toronto bill murray day crown

Movie star Bill Murray was a guest of honour at TIFF this year. Toronto’s renowned film festival even presented a Bill Murray Day of free screenings of classic movies on September 5th. Known for doing exceptional things remembered in stories on the internet, Bill Murray has become legendary. To the surprise of many Bill Murray endorsed Mayor Ford wishing him well for the upcoming election.


A reporter gave Murray a collectible bobble-head doll, to which Bill Murray replied he hasn’t met the Mayor but heard he was running again. Bill Murray seems like a good guy that’s been known for legendary happenings, see: Bill Murray Stories

Bill Murray soaked in Toronto on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014.  (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Nathan Denette)

Bill Murray soaked in Toronto on Friday, Sept. 5, 2014. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press)

But the most shocking endorsement came from ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson the former World Heavyweight Champion who’s touring around with a show about his life and views. Tyson arrived at City Hall and passed through the media circus to a meeting with the Mayor himself in his private office. Although it’s unknown the substance of the Mayor’s talk with Mike Tyson, the subject of demons could’ve been broached.

The mayor was meeting someone that he’s admired from a young age, likewise tormented by demons and manifest paranoia. They are both recovering addicts. Mike Tyson told Las Vegas Weekly that in 2009 while high on cocaine and cognac he started beating up seven prostitutes in a hotel room:

he started beating them up and threw them out – to stop them from ‘taking his soul’. Tyson said: ‘That’s when I realised it wasn’t just demons – it was the devil himself.

Although at the press conference Mike Tyson made light of Rob Ford’s past ‘accidental tirade‘ in which he invoked a demonic iron-mike threatening to rip someone’s heart out. At the press conference after the meeting Rob Ford admitted he gave Mike Tyson advice to watch out for the local media.

Tyson appeared to take this too far the following day when he called CP24’s Nathan Downer a “rat piece of sh*t” in a tirade on live TV. I’m not sure about Nathan Downer but CBC News host Dwight Drummond was able to obtain the most revealing interview with Rob Ford about drugs to-date earlier in this summer.

We’re cut from the same cloth, there’s no non-sense. I respect him and I wish him all the best.

                             Mayor of Toronto speaking about Mike Tyson while standing beside him

Surrounding all this is are the lawsuits and criminal sweeps recently another 300+ page pdf was released outlining the reasons why the Mayor was banned from coaching in all TCDSB high schools, fulfilling some made on this post Rob Ford being set-up in new video scandal and another post Questions linger in Mayor Rob Ford scandal… that asked some poignant questions that are being answered with these recent events.

Demons in politics like the corrupt Mayor of Brampton recently vowed to continue going through hell by staying in this election. It’s time for the citizens to keep their spirits up.

And last of all he was seene of me also, as of one borne out of due time.

1 Corinthians 15:8 (King James Version)

What the future holds for Toronto, maybe nobody knows for sure. And I still apologize for my role in this controversy. The current Mayor will likely win his old Ward 2 Etobicoke-North riding by a wide-margin from a hospital bed. The upcoming debates of John Tory and Olivia Chow will be warmed up by the addition of Doug Ford who’s got a shot at winning the top spot in the corporation of Toronto. At which point FORD NATION will have completed the most epic comeback without ever having gone.

Mayor Ford last in public before hospital trip

But if that day comes the City of Toronto will move towards the most dastardly prediction of drug prohibition and the New World Order.

I don’t do drugs. I don’t like drugs. Very simple, I hate, I hate anyone that’s involved in the drug business. I hate them.

Councillor Doug Ford leading candidate for Mayor of Toronto




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