Bob Rae and the Ring of Fire

Bob Rae and the Ring of Fire conspiracy

Canadian illuminati front-man Bob Rae shocked the political World when he resigned from his seat as an MP and announced a new career path as a negotiator representing First Nations in the mining rights and land claims relating to the Ring of Fire in Northern Ontario.

Bob Rae career highlights include leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario 1982-1996, and Premier of Ontario 1990-1995 (involved in socialist deception), federal Member of Parliament representing Toronto-Centre, interim-leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. With the Liberal party poised to form government in 2015 with a Justin Trudeau majority, Bob Rae appears to have left behind a powerful position for a potentially more lucrative one.

According to Bob Rae there are about 10,000 people and 9 First Nations communities in the area around the Ring of Fire. The Northern Ontario Ring of Fire is a 5,000-sq-km region where an extremely rare mineral called chromite has been found in massive quantities. According to the government of Ontario business report page, “Experts say there is enough chromite in the isolated and inhospitable Ring of Fire to meet North American needs for two centuries.”

Why is chromite valued?

Chromite, when processed into an alloy, is used in the production of stainless steel, among other products. It is highly valued for its ability to increase hardness, toughness and resistance to corrosion. In thin chrome-plated coatings, it protects auto parts, appliances and an array of other products including weapons.

Just four countries account for 80 per cent of the world’s chromite production. They are South Africa, the single largest supplier, along with Kazakhstan, Turkey and India. China’s booming economy purchases half the world’s supply. The United States buys about 15 per cent.

Ontario Economic Development Report ‘Ring of Fire lights up Northern Ontario’s mining industry’

So now it’s becoming clear the role being played here could involve 200 years of raw supply for weaponry. With the local First Nations currently being the only block in the plans for this mining is it a wonder why one the Matawa Tribal Council has hired this New World Order negotiator? As a reporter asked Bob Rae in a recent Face-to-Face interview on APTN:

How do you feel when people say you’re you know just the smiling face of colonialism. You know? That you’re just another white guy making a buck off the indian, how do you respond to that?

                                                                                                     APTN Host

Well first of all look, I am who I am right? I am a former-Premier, I’ve been involved in Federal and Provincial politics for a long time. This is a part of Canadian life that means a lot to me. Where I worked hard to try to get to understand it even better. The next generation of negotiator will not be me, will not be a white guy. Maybe if somebody better could come along and do this then I’m happy to step aside and let that person do it. I’m happy to provide any kind of other advice that I can. You know I’m doing this because it’s something I believe it’s something that needs to happen and I would hope that some of my experiences in government and understanding how that works might be of some assistance to the First Nations as we go forward.

                                                                                                       Bob Rae

Rae appears to be in this for the long-haul, but he’s not alone in hustlin’ First Nations mining rights, an illumanti provocateur Bernie Farber resigned as CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress to work as Senior Vice President of Gemini Power Corp. in partnership with First Nations to help develop sustainable business economies… Big land, deep drilling, big business.

There is no conspiracy

Bob Rae has also served on the Security Intelligence Review Committee, as negotiator representing the Tamil Tigers, is a member of the elite Order of Canada club, he has been partner in a corporate law firm, an honours student at University of Toronto, and Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford, son of a Canadian diplomat, his first job was delivering newspapers to Richard Nixon.

the Bob Rae conspiracy:

Beware of changing teams. On April 16, 2002 as Bob Rae explained in extraordinary op-ed headlined “Parting company with the NDP,” that he was leaving the NDP political party because they didn’t embrace corrupt Prime Minister of the UK’s ‘Third Way’ policy of globalization, the World Trade organization, the War on Terror and that the federal NDP spokesman described Israel as a terrorist state. So Bob Rae joined the Liberal Party.

On the Trans-Canada Highway or the Road to Zion


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