Angry Beaver Radio (July-August 2014)

Angry Beaver Radio rocket raccoon 2014


The beavers are back on the air for the Summer blockbuster truth seeking trip 2014 on Truth Frequency Radio. Join the team as infighting reaches the brink with some assembly required, just in case you missed it live on Saturdays 3-5pm (EST) then check out some audio archives:

 Ain’t no thing like me, except me!

July 5th 2014

Interdependence Day Special Broadcast
Angry Beaver Radio with guest Susanne Posel of and The US Independent co-hosts John, Michael, Mark, Lawrence, and Daniel team up from North of the border to bring you a perspective from the globalist occupied country formerly known as Canada. Meeting each other years ago on the streets of Toronto engaged in information activism on the street level they have dove head first into alternative radio broadcasting in an effort to reach more people with their message.

July 12th 2014

Special related to the controversy of Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, featuring Ryan Elson of

Further research: APTN exposé on Kevin Annett aptn Investigates: UNMARKED GRAVES part 1…
Part 2…

PLUS, Angry Beavers discuss the bail in regimes modeled after Cyprus that are now implemented in Canada, America and many other countries. Now the banks can legally rob their customers directly from their accounts.

July 19th 2014

Angry Beavers discuss the situation in Gaza. How is it that a “nation” (I use the term loosely) engaged in committing atrocities can hide behind atrocities committed against them during WW2? Israel uses the Holocaust as a defense shield to deem anyone antisemitic who disagrees with their open air prison that is called Gaza. We denounce the actions of the Nazis and the actions of the current Israel government.

HOLD FAST looking for archives of July 26th 2014 AWAY IN THE U.K.

CCTV in the United Kingdom

CCTV in the United Kingdom

AWAY IN THE U.K. until August 2nd morning, return to Canada show:

August 2nd 2014

Angry Beaver Radio joined by Susanne Posel to discuss baby yoga, fire challenge, importing Ebola, the hobby lobby psyop and more. John, Michael, Mark, Lawrence and Daniel

August 9th 2014 – Decepticon Special


While experiencing some static interference via Skype the Angry Beavers interview Dr. Carley about outbreaks and vaccination campaigns and reversing the symptoms with expertise for a fee, co-host Lawrence McCurry engages in a line of questioning that might’ve got’em banned from the show. There’s more than meets the eye:


Bonus: John of Angry Beaver Radio releases an interview Special Update with Dr Carpenter of the Medical Conspiracy Radio show. 2 years after being raided and shut down by the FDA for food coloring and lasers the FDA appear to be still lurking around to inflict more damage to Dr Carpenter. I don’t know how that is possible seeing as they already shut her down and took everything.

To the FDA – funny how the medical establishment admit that lasers can be used to treat cancer.

August 16th 2014

We welcome Hamilton Ontario Mayoral candidate Phil Ryerson to the broadcast to talk about marijuana legalization, smart meters causing fires, voting rules, children’s aid society, his campaign, and much more.

August 23rd 2014

We are joined by Dr John Robb of to discuss pet vaccinations and possible side effects, animal health, sickness, microchip agenda, and more.

August 30th 2014

We discuss a number of issues including Syria, Israel, ISIS, Al-CIA-da, Iraq, Hamas and the lunacy in the middle east. We also talk about the St Louis protests and riots (2 different things) and the possibility of it being infiltrated by agent provocateurs. We recount the numerous protest events openly provocateured by the police here in Canada posing as “communist anarchists” causing violence in order to move in on peaceful protestors.


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