White House sacked 200 years ago today…

August 24th 1814

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the sacking of Washington and the burning of the White House. As legend would have it the British forces sent in troops fresh off from fighting Napolean Bonaparte. After the Battle of Bladensburg, a British force led by Major General Robert Ross occupied Washington City and set fire to many public buildings, including the White House and the Capitol. The President, James Madison was not there and the first lady Dolley Madison escaped with a portrait of the first President and leading freemason George Washington.

When the British set the White House on fire it had already been looted by local vagrants? According to an memoir of a Madison family slave “A rabble, taking advantage of the confusion, ran all over the White House, and stole lots of silver and whatever they could lay their hands on,” Paul Jennings reported. Occupy D.C. two centuries ago?


Today this painting of August 24th 1814 by Munger is said to hang in the White House

The burning of the White House was basically an arson job with an element of revenge, following the attack on the capital of Upper Canada, York (present-day Toronto) by the American forces in 1813. According to the 1812 historian with the City of Toronto on the 200th anniversary of the April 27th 1813 Landing of the American Troops at York plaque ceremony.

“It was bad news for York. The Americans weren’t very good guests when they were here. They burned the Parliament buildings, they burned all the military buildings. They took away all of the military and naval stores and looted a lot of houses in the town, and it was upsetting for the American commanders. It was kind of them they finally put all the Americans back on the boats (about the 1st of May 1813)”

The British colonies of the Canadas or the United States of America were all under masonic leadership. So would you believe the conflict known as the War of 1812 that lasted from June 18, 1812 – February 18, 1815 (2 years and 8 months) ended in a draw? The entire campaign might’ve been a secret brother’s in arms plot for a large scale land grab of Indian territories.

August 24th 2014

Today the headlines are dominated by a rumoured takeover of Canada’s most iconic food service franchise Tim Horton’s by American corporate fast-food giant Burger King home of the flame-broiled whopper.


If a White House attack was to happen today there’s a good chance the President would be playing golf and the northern neighbours Canada would be compelled to provide defense forces under the North American Union perimeter sharing agreements. When popular Hollywood action flicks like White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen depict these scenarios both movies predict or present a despot nation coup or inside job plots.

Either way there is now a tremendous sharing of land air and sea forces between these nations as revealed in last week’s Exercise Stalwart Guardian 14 military drill featuring 2,000 Canadian, American, Scottish and British troops. The drill took place in Niagara Region, Ontario, coincidentally the also location of battle and plunder during the War of 1812, approximately 200 years ago…

1814 Stalwart Guardian 2014

Reported by Press For Truth as the largest joint military training exercise in Canadian history:

True patriot love in all thy sons command



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