Toronto police chief vs. city councillor

A possibly staged battle in the City of Toronto pits the outgoing chief of police with the brother and campaign manager of the Mayor of the City.  The powerful City Councillor Doug Ford suggested that Police Chief Bill Blair leaked notice to the press that the Mayor would be subpoenaed for testimony at one of the trials of his former occasional driver Sandro. The Chief said that the Councillor’s lying and launched a lawsuit. Then Councillor Ford apologized.

Councillor Doug Ford apologizes to the Chief of Police

The chief did not accept Councillor Ford’s verbal apology, but after Ford sent a written apology through a lawyer Blair announced he accepted the apology.

Chief of Police accepts apology from Councillor Ford

During the press conference Blair only seemed slightly distressed about losing this job, maybe because he’ll be in line for a $367,719, plus $3,006 in benefits pay-out for not having his contract renewed. On the other hand, the Mayor might be called to testify in a criminal trial, but the testimony will be shielded by a publication ban and not admissible as evidence against Ford in any other trial. So then what’s this ‘war of words’ really about?

The chief’s announcement also mentioned a $1000 donation to Covenant House Toronto charity that will be made by Councillor Ford, everyone’s got a price, Chief Blair also mentioned he sits on the board of this charity. (See: The Importance of Charity in Freemasonry)



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