Robocall conspiracy fall guy revealed

Pierre Poutine

A fall guy has been found guilty of mis-leading voters in the last federal election.

Michael Sona dressed as Pierre Poutine

real Halloween costume: Michael Sona as Pierre Poutine

In a judgement released August 14th 2014 against Conservative Party staffer Michael Sona (25) refers to him as an enthusiastic party to wide spread fraud during the 2011 election. Judge Gary Hearn of Ontario Superior Court stated:

Mr. Sona was involved with the creation and implementation of the scheme to direct voters to the wrong polling station on May 2, 2011. Although the evidence indicates he did not likely act alone, he was party to the offence and, as noted previously, there will be a finding of guilt registered.


So while the conservative columnists try to play this off as ‘A controversy, but no grand conspiracy‘ it’s obvious in the judgement that the judge doesn’t believe this guy acted alone. (CBC: ‘Michael Sona guilty in robocalls trial – but ‘did not likely act alone’). A Global News article questions if Elections Canada will launch an investigation after the judge hinted of a wider conspiracy? (Commissioner mum on new robocalls investigation after Sona verdict)

“Although the evidence may not be sufficient to establish Mr. Sona was the one that effectively ‘pulled the trigger,’ or had the continuing contact by computer with RackNine and the actual sending out of the messages on May 2, 2011, he was, I find, fully aware of that being done and played a very active role in putting that process into motion,” Hearn wrote.

What if Pierre Poutine is the alias of an entire campaign of people?

Other conspirers could include the Prime Minister’s Office, other Conservative Party staffers like Andrew Prescott, Kenneth Morgan, Matthew McBain, Christopher Crawford and/or John White, the Guelph campaign of Marty Burke, Pierre’s Poutine and RackNine:


STAY TUNED for sentencing set to take place on October 17th 2014

He faces a maximum penalty of a $5,000 fine, five years in prison, or both.

Read full PDF of court decision here: Robocalls-Conspiracy-Ontario-Superior-Court-Decision


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