The One and Future King

George the boy who will be King

The heir apparent to the throne celebrated his first birthday last month, with a trip to a butterfly exhibit outside the British Museum of Natural History. Coincidentally I was just there on a recent trip to the UK although I was hindered by the additional fee for the butterfly exhibit with so much of the free admission museum to see. I’m sure young Prince George of Cambridge doesn’t have to worry about admission charges although with reports about government subsidies for the royal family or Her Majesty the Queen living in the most luxurious public housing project in the realm. For over 60 years since 1952 the Queen has overseen the most drastic shrinking of the Empire ever. When George becomes King what kingdom will he reign over?


George’s grandfather Charles the Prince of Wales and father William the Duke of Cambridge are both military men having spent their working careers as royal air force pilots. With Charles doing it during the Vietnam War and William and his brother during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many are dreading what these men could do with the power of the realms at their hand. George’s father William just announced that he’s accepted work as an Air Ambulance pilot after years working as a Royal Air Force RAF search and rescue pilot. A noble job but not without controversy, especially considering what’s been happening in Her Majesty Upper Canada province of Ontario with ORNGE

Odds are likely that Prince George will one day join his ancestors in service to Queen and Country. Coincidentally a side-by-side banner Ad over a car-park in Inverness, Scotland, reveals this agenda is on the go:

army recruiting everything baby

Army Reserve is Recruiting / Everything Baby

So to get in the mood for a smooth transition from Her Majesty to the one year old Prince, check out some conspiracy research including symbolism of the House of Windsor crest:

House of Windsor 666 symbolism

It is astounding that Queen Elizabeth II has been able to reign for 60+ years without a World War 3, but she’s not without powers check out this classic ReCon upload exposing the Queen of Canada including Conspiracy Theory: Powers of the Queen:

Dieu et mon droit



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