Mayor Ford garners major endorsements

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The Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has received endorsements from some very influential people, and within the past week or two he’s got a legendary local rapper, famous electronic music DJ, and renowned street preacher/church pastor. The red-white-and-blue of Ford Nation is spreading with the help of the media, now including a sizeable portion of the so-called ‘truth movement’, plus low-tax small-government libertarian tea-party north, sports fans, and the criminal element.

The streets are talking and they’re saying; ROB FORD


“I’m not really into the politics like all that stuff, but when you do with my people cause I’m always there in Allenbury and all the projects Villaways, Sparrowways, all of them. So they are in the neighbourhood they’re saying, oh yo he’s good man, RoRoRo him good. I’m just here to support, you know show him my respect and love.”

reggae musician Snow

Prominent Allenbury Gardens rapper Darrin O’Brien, aka SNOW, is best known for his hit song Informer a reggae-rap song about street police using criminal informers. Parallels are made with the Mayor who is famous for being filmed speaking patois at Steak Queen restuarant with accused gangster Sandro, he is believed to have referred to the chief of Toronto Police as a ‘c-cks-ck-r’ and ‘n-gg-r’ such outrageous statements seem to have drawn a devoted fan base amongst those with aversions to law enforcement. There’s a business aspect here as Snow credits Rob Ford’s people for getting him in as headline performer at City Hall for the ‘2001’ New Years Eve bash. Plus says he’s drawn the eire of cops after giving thousands ($) of gifts to the children in the community, much like Rob Ford spends tens-of-thousands each year on multiple F0rd-fests and tackle football equipment for public school programs.


World famous DJ Producer Dead Mau5 took Rob Ford for a drive around Toronto to get coffee it appears not for any political reasons, but rather for the celebrity factor and coffee addiction. As a look at Dead Mau5 youtube channel shows that his hobby appears to be doing a GoPro film show with famous guests, mostly musical like Pharell, Vanilla Ice, Bun B, and Tom Green, and going to Tim Horton’s for coffee runs, Rob Ford is now in this category. Although the strange reality and honesty of this show makes this appearance seem more genuine that most of Rob Ford’s other interviews, it does seem like a bit of a missed opportunity to have not got into the controversial issue of Electronic Dance Music parties that the so-called conservatives of City Council want banned on City property.  It’s a fast drive in a ‘Furrari’ for a 5-espressos in 1-cup order for the Mayor, with a conspiracy to ponder why Dead Mau5 is doing free endorsements for Tim Horton’s chain added to the historic research of Tim Horton being listed amongst the most famous Free Masons in Canadian history:

Tim Hortons


“I support Mayor Rob Ford, I’m a citizen of Toronto and yeah he’s made a lot of mistakes and done things that I don’t agree with, but as for Mayor, I support a Mayor with a backbone not someone that’s wishy-washy going all over the place… they’re lying politicians.”

David Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness ministry

Familiar to those who frequent Yonge-Dundas intersection, David Lynn has been one of the street preachers that’s been doing it for years. He preaches about forgiveness under the name of Christ’s Forgiveness and he works as a pastor/chaplain in the community during the week. It appears some of this endorsement is based on Rob Ford’s lack of support for the annual Pride Parade (which was bigger with this year’s World Pride). David Lynn was discriminated against at during the 2012 Pride event.

NOTE: The Christ Forgiveness table was often set-up next to the Toronto Truth Seekers truth table at Yonge-Dundas during the 2009-2012 era, while David Lynn frequently said he was not into conspiracies to add to the coincidence theory David Lynn is also a frequent guest on the Michael Coren show on Sun News TV where host Michael Coren is a devout denier of 9/11 truth research.

As well David Lynn also hints that other top candidates for Mayor of Toronto like John Tory and Olivia Chow haven’t endorsed a project that he is spearheading Christian Positive Space. It’s unknown if Ford supports this movement or allowed a sticker to go up in his office, but he has repeatedly hinted at a Christian-type upbringing claiming that he’s a had come to Jesus moment and that his father was a Sunday-school teacher. Has Rob Ford genuinely repented of his sins and turned towards having a new life as a role-model and leader in society? Only time will tell.

Rob Ford is the most famous Mayoral candidate and his top competition was looking a bit desperate at Caribanna 2014:

other candidates for Mayor at caribana

JIVING FOR VOTES Olivia Chow, Karen Stintz, and John Tory

Like all celebrities in crisis Rob Ford has become the talk of America talk-radio where Freedom Friday in Florida discussed the way Mayor Ford could be easily forgiven and win the next election in Toronto:


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