Coincidence Theory: MH17

Around the internet theories are abounding about the commercial jet that was downed near the Eastern border of Ukraine, an area said to be under control of separatists rebels.  The proximity to the border with Russia has heightened the mystic of a modern day Cold War with the community being drawn in via the innocent victims of an international flight. The coincidence theory revolves around Russian President Vladimir Putin’s jet resembling the MH17 airplane:

Coincidence? Malaysian flight MH17 resembles Russian President Putin’s jet

Coincidentally the same airplane model (Boeing 777) was mysteriously lost in Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was this flight MH17 diverted off it’s planned corse? Pilot of MH17 fatally altered his course to hostile territory according to expert.

To add to the coincidence of a COLD WAR imminent last week President Putin was in Cuba meeting with the Castro brothers in a $32 billion show of brotherly love in form of DEBT FORGIVENESS cuba-Castro-meets-Putin-russia-2014 Russia to forgive 90 percent of Cuba’s debt, or almost $32 billion, most of it originating from Soviet loans to a fellow communist state. Putin has said the remaining $3.5 billion that Cuba owes would be invested in development projects in Cuba (link) brotherly love show Putin and Castro After this trip Putin went to Brazil and was returning from there to Russia in his IL96 plane in a very similar red-blue striped plane to the Malayasian MA17 on the same day at the same time, possibly not on the same path though.

Is this the smoking gun? Footage emerges of BUK missile launcher being moved

Ukraine officials have pointed the finger at separatist terrorists in the Torez region, claiming they have audio recordings of militants discussing downing the passenger jet with what is believed to be a BUK SA11 missile launcher. Any theories or reports of foreign ‘black ops’ involvement is adding to the spectre of the cold war tensions. The approximately 298 victims of MA17 were from nations all over the World.

Daily updates from @libertyPoet on twitter reveal civilians being killed everyday in this conflict.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reportedly released recordings of the intercepted phone calls between Russian military intelligence officers and Russian-backed Cossack militants to the Kiev Post. 

‘They shouldn’t be f*****g flying. There is a war going on.’

Is there more than meets the eye? Suppose the intended target was President Putin could it be possible that this is a false flag attack by the people who are pointing the blame or could it have been a black-ops mission by those upset at the recent debt deal with fraternal nation Cuba?

Putins plane theory MA17 coincidence

One thing appears to be real is that Putin has irked the New World Order elite, he’s been accused to sheltering a traitor Edward Snowden, disrespecting the World’s sexuality by not allowing gay pride at the Olympics 2014, he’s also the only G20 leader that spoke any words of concern about Gaddafi of Libya being tortured and executed in 2011. Overall the BRICS are the economic growth nations, therefore likely targets of first World countries in decline. Of course there’s a chance that President Putin, the cossacks and the separatists, the Ukraine, the Russia, and the Air Malaysia could all be being set-up and that the real targets were passengers on the flight.

Another theory suggests that prominent AIDS researchers were onboard the flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, theories hint at an AIDS cure or vaccine being lost or did these researches have knowledge of the secret origins of the virus as a lab created biological warfare agent:

KEEP RESEARCHING Don’t jump to conclusions when so many coincidences abound



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