Apathy and Freemasonry

Masonic Ring This blog started with the sub headline of ‘Researching coincidence theories’ and sometimes these theories hit close to home. Being into Hip Hop culture and the truth/Conspiracy culture for a long time it’s notable when they intersect. What would you do if you found out everybody’s favourite rapper is a Freemason?

The questions that came to mind when I saw the ‘Grand Leveler’ music video by Apathy, a tribute to Freemasonry by a free mason rapper. Apathy explained on a Reddit link ‘I’m Apathy… An underground hip-hop artist who is a Fremason AMA!‘ when asked about the perception of freemasons in Hip Hop being unpopular or demonized:

I am a 3rd Degree Master Mason first and foremost. I belong to Scottish Rite and York Rite… but the Blue Lodge is the most important to me right now. The appendant bodies are awesome, and I can’t wait to spend a lifetime participating and exploring them.

Apathy is known as an integral member of The Demigodz & Army Of The Pharaohs crews, all hardcore rappers but only Apathy appears to be outspoken on his membership to the secret brotherhood. Apathy freemasonry The video is full of symbolism much like the song, all masonic. The video was made by notable Toronto-based Hip Hop filmmakers Reel Wolf productions. Just a coincidence? Well coincidentally I interviewed Apathy and Celph Titled in 2005 when I was a Toronto-student studying in Melbourne, Australia, I hosted a community TV segment ‘The Word Up!’ a show about learning about Hip Hop culture:

Now fast-forward to 2010, back in Toronto attending Saturday street actions at Yonge and Dundas with the Toronto Truth Seekers, one day a local free mason appeared  to dispel some of the misconceptions about Freemasonry and this lead to a dialogue and truth seeking video series over several years. Full playlist: FREE THE MASONS

free the masons

Also, deeply immersed in the Hip Hop culture I was working on the Super Aliens DVD with local underground rapper Conspiracy, who I gave a copy of ‘The Word Up!’ DVD to and learned was a major fan and past acquaintance of Apathy in the underground Hiphop scene. To twist the story a bit more the secret bonus video on the Super Aliens DVD was ‘Universal Soldier: The Watcher’ a video highlighting the freemasonry conspiracy and filmed mostly around High Park and the local habitat, Free the Masons:

Conspiracy magic johnson

‘A tribute to Donald Sterling’ Conspiracy & Bobby McBain (2014)

Like Hip Hop is  global, Freemasonry is also an international patriarchal organization. Even respected rapper in the truth KRS-ONE admitted that Hip Hop has it’s own secret society and hinted that he’s in it. Grand Leveler turns to vaporAn interpretation of the Grand Leveler music video could be a celebration of Apathy’s achievement in the ranks of the secret order. With each degree like a new level as the apron-adorned mason reaches the level of Master the older guy turns to a vapour and a Fellow Craft stands by in ritual leaving the viewer as the role of the Entered Apprentice?

Now in the 21st century seeing a video online or meeting a freemason on the street shows they’re outta the lodges and getting public about it.

As somethings change other things stay the same, I still research the Hip Hop and Truth cultures but I’ve also been into the Cannabis culture which I’m realizing might be controlled by the same secret networks:

So what’s one to do? ResearchMasonic waterfront pier

 But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.

James 5:12 King James Version (KJV)

One thought on “Apathy and Freemasonry

  1. You’ve just recycled stuff you’ve read elsewhere. I am not saying that this is wrong because that is one of the methods by which we learn, reading other people’s work. However you haven’t even taken the time to use your own wording. Apathy is a hip hop artist and his work in the lodge is a part of his life which he has willingly decided to go public about. As a Scottish man I can tell you that the conspiracy doesn’t lay with the masons. Certain people throughout history with money and influence have abused the structure within masonry for their own ends. You’re looking in the wrong places.

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