Polio-themed Rotary Club

While researching the Conservative Governments new law Bill C-24 that targets dual-citizens for deportation to their other nation, I stumbled across an MP John Weston appearance at the Rotary Club of Vancouver Sunrise (1.23.2013) and video highlighting the issue of POLIO


The Rotary Club has historically been connected with Freemasonry

“This is in fact the biggest health related project in the history of mankind. It’s supported by World Health Organization and a multitude of governments.”

Their goal is to immunize children everywhere to eradicate polio. Apparently India could be declared polio eradicated after only 2 years without any new diagnosis’s thanks to a 60-cent vaccine. The subject of polio is a controversial one for people concerned about vaccines effectiveness, TorontoTruthSeekers were asked during street actions.But, whenever a video segment ends with a shout-out to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for international collaboration it’s time to question what service they’re providing:

rotary club freemason pin

motto “Service above self”


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