Angry Beaver Radio (June 2014)


Angry Beaver Radio’s chewing on bark and exposing the sharks

June 14th 2014

We discuss the recent Ontario Provincial Election that resulted in Emperor Kim Jong Wynne landing a Liberal Majority victory for the Communist Dictator. It is official Ontario has Stockholm syndrome. Hey you know that party that stole billions of tax payer dollars? lets re-elect those criminal gangsters. WTF?

We talk about unacceptable social behavior according to the facebook mafia seeing as two of the hosts on Angry Beaver Radio had their facebook accounts deleted or suspended in one case.

June 21st 2014



We discuss Hillary Clinton’s recent comments on Emperor Kim Jong Wynne’s Ontario election victory, the G 77 meeting in Bolivia calls for a New World Order for living well aka the Declaration of Santa Cruz, Agenda 21 and much more. We are joined by guest Ryan Elson of

June 28th 2014 ‘Johnny Beaver Got a Fever’ Show re-broadcast from previous week

Tune in live Saturdays 3 – 5 pm EST at Truth Frequency Radio


Broadcasting from an Agenda 21 zoo exhibit formerly known as Canadastan.



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