Belle Knox and the New World Order

Blue Devil MISS kNOX One of the fascinating stories of the year has been the porn-for-tuition scandal involving an 18-year-old University student starring in hardcore pornography. The scandal is full of contradictions, for instance being a ‘sub’ in BDSM scenes as empowering for a feminist, or starring in videos totally naked and expecting her identity to be private. The New World Order is all-over this scandal like mandatory vaccines:

If Belle Knox is not an active player in a staged work, then she’s a victim-of-convenience for the puppeteers, who’ve placed her into the spotlight to highlight some of the most dastardly New World Order agendas. Including: descenitizing to hardcore porn and sexualization of the youth, promotion of corrupt institutions of higher learning, the feminist agenda, demonic tendencies, and communications global control grid. All secrets are being exposed, Belle Knox was outed and is now more famous and popular than the average veteran porn-star. She’s appearing on a wide-range of media from mainstream to raunchy talk. It’s been intriguing research, here are some five notable sections on Belle Knox and the New World Order points:

Sexualization of the youth and normalization of porn as a job for students

When Belle Knox appeared on Howard Stern, one of the first statements made was about how young she looks.

The way I see porn if you look real young, cause you do. If you could pass for like 15 you know what I mean. How old are you?  (Howard Stern)

I’m 18. (Belle Knox)

Yeah like you could pass for maybe even 13, and that’s a real asset in porn, you know what I mean?


You know guys, that’s what they want. They want an 18 year old, like you could do babysitter porn.

Belle Knox says she was brought up catholic, her mother is conservative and father is a US military doctor. She went to a high school where girls weren’t even allowed to ear Yoga Pants. What happened to this girl?

Knox says she began watching pornography alone when she was 12 years old. The porn that Knox likes to watch is hardcore. Belle Knox starting working in porn to help pay her $60,000-a-year for University tuition, and admits the most she made in a day was $2,300 so you can do the math. Most of the stories Knox tells are from her high school days. She says porn has a place for every shape and size girl.

Belle Knox NWO1

At least she says she won’t do prostitution because it’s not safe enough. Instead she’s doing student things like an internship program at an online porn tube site PornHub, and porn-star things like promoting her movies, selling her panties, manufacturing  “usable” plastic moulds of her private parts, stripping in Miami, and doing the first ever porn reality series where the winners get to bang her. All considered student jobs on her way to becoming a civil rights lawyer promoting sex workers’ rights.

Belle Knox NWO2

Promotion of corrupt higher learning institutions, like Duke University

Surrounding this entire scandal is an explanation that this is a student job to pay for school. Belle mentions that Duke was her first choice because it was the best school for pre-law studies. Duke is located in the Bible-belt North Carolina, she likes the weather but it’s like a different World.

Universities and Colleges everywhere are incubators of the New World Order, featuring leftist Professors, secret society fraternities and sororities, massive recruitment, these places are indoctrination centres for the elite minds of the future.

duke_blue_devils-wordmark-1978Based on Knox’s own experience bad things happen at this school. In reaction to Belle Knox being exposed on campus she says she got threats from fellow students. Additional research: 2010 Column Duke University bedeviled by scandals


The mythos of Duke is as a dangerous place with sex scandals. Belle Knox even admits to looking into the Duke Lacrosse team scandal that she said highlighted the class divide around Duke but that the accused gang-rapists were totally innocent. Also the Karen Owen slideshow reveals that Duke party girls are willing to publicly exploit the athletes they bed.


Belle is also teaching the school lingo to everyone, such as: Sexiling having your roommate leave so you can bang someone, and Dormcest having relations with someone living in your dormitory. This is higher education.


She doesn’t hook-up much on campus, doesn’t wear sexy outfits to class, and is a member of the Duke Young Republicans and supporter of the LGBTQ community at Duke.

Belle Knox blue devils table


On the Lip TV Belle’s friend and promoter Mandy Stadtmiller discussed the more than 15 minutes of fame that Belle Knox is experiencing, “She wouldn’t have been a story if her essay wasn’t so fascinating and thought provoking” 

The articles Belle wrote for xoJane include “I’m the Duke University Freshman Porn Star and for the First Time I’m Telling the Story In My Own Words.” and “I’m Finally Revealing My Name and Face as the Duke Porn Star,” and “In Defense of Kink: My First Role as the Duke Porn Star Was On a Rough Sex Website, and No, That Doesn’t Make Me a Bad Feminist.”

When Belle admits that she likes getting her small body pounded by huge cock is it an expression of girl power? Porn as empowering to women?

Belle Knox says she’s a sex-positive feminist in contrast with sex-negetive feminists, the other side of hardcore NWO brainwashing. This stage appears to be set with the added feminist debate. Proving that feminism isn’t only part of an agenda of dividing men and women, but also types of feminists. Belle has many female critics who see all porn as abuse/rape.

Already Belle Knox has said that she deeply regrets doing her first porn scene for the hardcore site ‘Facial Abuse’ where she was mocked and screwed. Although she liked the scene she brought attention to a site where all the girls might not have enjoyed it. Belle’s future work in a suit might help them some day because she wants to advocate for sex workers rights as a civil rights lawyer.


The origins of her porn-name is a combination of something dark and something sweet like Marilyn Manson, combining Belle from Beauty and the Beast (also a fitting comparison for her male porn star colleagues) and Amanda Knox an American foreign student accused of doing an occult murder ritual in Italy. Belle is fascinated with Amanda, saying she’s hot, gorgeous, and intelligent. She doesn’t think she’s innocent, but that she was probably high-as-fuck during the murder.

belle and a knox

Belle tells of how she enjoyed playing ‘family’ as a kid she liked to play as the Dog and getting locked in a cage. This is a disturbing considering treating people like animals is a trauma-based mind control technique. Belle also admits to being a cutter when she was younger but doesn’t do it now and recommends that no one cut themselves.


Most hardcore though is Belle Knox favourite type of sex BDSM the most hardcore kink bondage leather slave-&-master type of torturous sex. Belle likes to be a sub to a big dicked dom and called herself a condom cum slut on the Opie & Anthony radio show. She rates herself 3 on a Kinsey scale and says she’s bisexual without a gag reflex. She’s even started selling her used panties and has a sex toy line. What are male fans doing buying panties and plastic sex trinkets?

Wether it’s violent sex, religion, or future profession let’s hope she turns around.

Communications of the New World Order – the Internet

This scandal or lifestyle choice proves that no one’s identity is safe online. Even the guy that exposed Belle Knox on campus was himself exposed online. A student she was friends with, also her math tutor, found her porn online then tried to get with her and was rejected for being ugly. He exposed her to other fratboys, then the porn producers exposed him and his subscription history.

The internet is not only the main communication tool in this story, but also the top source for pornography 24/7. Belle Knox was outed on social media and she’s using social media to get famous. This post is full of youtube links.

Recent revelations and the Ed Snowden scandal have further enforced the big brother NSA is monitoring all internets. The watchers are exposing the watchers. It seems all secrets are getting revealed anonymously.

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Ecclesiastes 12:14 (King James Version)

Belle Knox knows what’s up

For all the criticism that Belle Knox has garnered it’s all the more important to point out that she’s used her platform to speak some important truths. For instance she knows that all any employment (job for personal financial gain) is a form of desperate exchange. She has attracted a backlash from some evil sides of the New World Order, including staunch feminists and fraternity brotherhoods. She’s a libertarian that questions the always increasing taxes.

Most importantly she’s doing what she says she wants to do, embracing liberty. Her choice to use her freedom to be dominated by men of her approval on film for money might not be the fastest path to joy for many, but adults consensual private affairs should be respected in a free society.

Belle Knox’s No-List

  • no 0ld guys (over 35)
  • no anal
  • no first-person-p.o.v. (says it’s safer with a film crew there)

Additional research and media appearances:

Belle Knox on The View

Belle Knox on Piers Morgan Live

on Fox5

on Fox 411

on Opie and Anthony (full interview)

on the Artie Lang show

and the Artie Lang show part 2 / part 3 /

on HuffPost live (full interview)

xoJane Interview with Mandy Stadtmiller

on the Howard Stern show

on The Independent (Fox Business)

on This Is 50

on 97.5 The Fanatic

on Bethenny show

belle knox Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg supports first porn-star guest on The View

belle and mandy

Mandy and Graham interview Belle Knox on News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller

Belle Knox is a gifted performer on trajectory to reach the upper echelons of the cultural elite. She’s all over social media, twitter, tumblr (NSFW), Facebook fan pages, this page is full of you tubes. At age 18 she’s experienced more than most adults do in their lives, with much more ahead let’s hope Belle Knox wakes up to the dasterdly New World Order agenda and works as a defender the liberty into the future.

Belle Knox NWO3

Belle Knox has written recently written an article for TIME ‘Duke Porn Star’: I Lost My Financial Aid’ (June 2014)


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