Stop the Fluoridation peaceful assembly in Toronto on June 6th 2014

The people of Toronto are set to peacefully assemble Friday June 6th 11am – 3pm and march in support of those concerned with artificial fluoride being added to the water supply.

End fluoride Toronto video flyer

Flyers have been getting out the word

End fluoride Toronto video flyer 2

Concerned citizens including Ashley Jessica and Danny Lite have been contacting Toronto City Councillors and were able to post the responses received. During an election year surprisingly out of 44 City Councillor’s only 24 responded on this important political issue with 15 in favour of Fluoridation, 5 Undecided, and 4 Concerned About Water Fluoridation


Jaye Robinson

Mary-Margaret McMahon

Mary-Margaret McMahon

Mike Del Grande

Mike Del Grande

Ron Moeser

Ron Moeser

The concerned people of Toronto thank the four city councillors that have expressed concerns with hydrofluosilicic acid additive to the water supply.




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