Stephen Harper for Liberty?


Don’t fall for this but the Prime Minister of Canada has been receiving accolades for his recent speech highlighting the evils of communism.

The speech was at a dinner for a new ‘Tribute to Liberty’ monument

Tribute to Liberty is a Canadian charity established in 2008 whose mission is to establish a Canadian memorial to commemorate the hundreds-of-millions of victims of communism, to be managed by The Department of Canadian Heritage.

tribute to liberty flyer

The main goal of the speech appeared to be promoting the new cold war, requiring Harper to purpose Putin’s quest to return the Soviet Union, and the west’s recent push to bring Ukraine into the N.W.O./E.U.

As reported on this blog before the ‘democracy movement of peaceful protestors in Maidan’ is actually stacked with violent anarchists. Look out, things aren’t what they appear to be. For instance in the speech Harper mentions “During the Cold War, Canada was there on the frontier between East-and-West Germany” – But where was Harper when the director of CSIS admitted in 2009 that the information they are now compelled to keep is comparable to the notorious spying of the East German Stasi? (audio clip)

The Prime Minister of Canada, 2006-present.

Under Harper’s watch we’ve seen a major ramp up in military including an imperial push to fortify the desolate arctic circle to secure ‘arctic sovereignty’ for future resource extraction and exploitation.

Her Majesty’s defences are under Harper’s budgetary powers so why is he highlighting this as a communist/fascist trait? Well, maybe there is some truth in the liberty speech.

As the current conservative government has been accused of and under investigation for corruption, nepotism, and a form of corporate welfare straight outta the globalist playbook. Where was comrade Harper when TorontoTruthSeekers was being removed from a totalitarian P3 event disguised as an Olympic Spirit festival?

So like lawyer John Conroy says about the CON’s recent about-face on ticketing for small amounts of marijuana, “Don’t get sucked in.”

Indeed the nation is being run by a secret society plant following a globalist socialist agenda of austerity.

The red coats are coming, The red coats are coming…

Tribute to Liberty is the monument. Free-trade deal with the government of China is the hypocrisy.


Don’t believe the hype


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