All Apologizes… 1 year of Mayor Ford crack scandal

15 Windsor Road, Etobicoke It’s been an incredible year since the Gawker and Toronto Star broke the story of a youth gang selling a cellular recorded video of Rob Ford the Mayor of Toronto smoking crack and doing a rant about Justin Trudeau. And a lot of crazy stuff has happened since then. Every turn of this whole political celebrity mess is a reminder to expect the unexpected and fear for the worst. Things have kept gettin’ worse for the past 12 months until the Mayor suddenly announced a leave of absence to deal with problems with alcohol. If you’ve been tuning in to Pay Day as heard on Achieve Radio, then I must apologize for my role in facilitating this solar scandal. As you’ll hear radio host and former-Secret Council of Ten frontman Bob recount the story with a caller in this clip:

Listen here: AUDIO LINK

Also recently City Councillor and former-member of the Mayor’s elite Executive Committee, Giorgio Mammoliti appeared on Dean Blundell on DEANCAST#9 and the show has generated controversy. In a hard hitting way Mammoliti dishes out this theories on Ford’s long term drug addiction, personal behaviour, family relations, and told a story about Rob Ford breaking down in the office of the Mayor during the Mel Lastman administration over having to apologize for racist taunting. Rob Ford is currently in out patient care at Homewood facility in Guelph, Ontario, according to Dean Blundell. Has Rob Ford been doing crack for the past 10-15 years?

“We all assumed it was alcohol. But, the way his body, his face, um, his splurts, his kind of up and down moods could be attributed to alcohol but were really geared towards other kinds of drugs.” Giorgio Mammoliti on Deancast#9

Where’s the connection? Well Bob of the Pay Day show has an insider in the office of Mayor in form of Brendan XKRY a talented music artist and son of an original Club 22’er. This has all been a big coincidence or a strange xenochrony, most likely all influenced by iON.

XKRY is Brendan Croskerry rob ford

Mayor Ford drives and XKRY rides shotgun

Following up on the last ReCon blog Rob Ford being set-up in new video scandal it now appears that, according to Toronto Star, the reason that the latest recordings and drug stories about Mayor Ford have leaked is because Rob Ford pushed his sister and beat-up his close friend and street Lt. Sandro while at a drug party in his sister’s basement (shocking story). Leaving open the possibility that Sandro allowed the dealers to leak the latest round as a payback for the attack. Now more than ever I believe Rob Ford is being set-up as the prototype of the New World Order politician.

So like Jimmy Kimmel and the Iron Sheik let’s hope that Mayor Ford get’s the support he needs before he’s next major return to the spotlight. Potentially in the form of an 8-figure pay-cheque for a reality TV show following a recovering candidate for Toronto’s highest office. the-gatorade-train DarwinForMayorOfToronto2014


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