Wolfgang Halbig goes to Sandy Hook, CT


School safety expert Wolfgang W. Halbig has taken his questions for justice to the next level, last weekend travelling to Newtown Connecticut to ask the Sandy Hook officials the unanswered questions directly. Halbig was met with resistance, at one point local policemen prevented him from entering a United Way office to block his FOIA requests.

At least Mr. Halbig brought along documentary media, including Jim Fetzer of the Sandy Hook Justice Fund infowars reporter Dan Bidondi who interviewed Halbig after the confrontation with school officials

Infowars host Alex Jones finally got to interview Wolfgang Halbig on-air, they discuss many aspects of the investigation, the evidence that doesn’t add up, the stonewalling, the toxic school (lead paint and asbestos) and the financial implications of tracking the millions of donations for Sandy Hook School

On his own site Sandy Hook Justice Mr. Halbig has outlined the big 16 questions that point towards a conspiracy and cover-up surrounding these horrific events. These are a copy/paste of the Sixteen Q’s:


1. Who directed the New Haven Federal Bureau of Investigation field office to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (SHES)?
2. Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the SHES shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was an Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incidents (AS/MCI)?
3. Who on was the Incident Commander as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in directing the AS/MCI at SHES?
• Who at the Incident Command Center made the ordering of Port-A-Potties a high priority since they were delivered within three hours of the school shooting?
• Who ordered those Port-A-Potties from Southbury, Connecticut?
• When I called the Port-A-Pottie company, after searching for over a week as to who they were and when they were ordered, I was told this information was classified and they are not allowed to share that information with me.
• The next morning I received a phone call from the Southbury Police Department at my home telling me not to call that company again, since I was harassing them.
• High priority for toilets but not for Life Star Trauma helicopters or paramedics.
4. Who and why did they not request Life Star helicopters, knowing that children and school staff were seriously injured and clinging to life?
5. Who and why did they not allow the paramedics and the EMTs inside SHES?
6. Who declared all 18 children and six school staff members legally dead within the first eight minutes?
7. Who was the Certified Environmental Bio-Hazard Decontamination company contracted by Newtown Public Schools (NPS) to remove 45-65 gallons of blood, skull fragments, brain tissue, bodily fluids, blood-soaked carpets and any other decontaminated area inside SHES?
8. Why does an off-duty lieutenant from the Newtown Police Department (NPD) refuse to leave his off-duty work assignment at a construction site when hearing that shots have been fired at SHES?
9. Who at NPS notified all of the parents in writing, as required by Conn. law, who had children attending SHES, as well as every school staff member, for every school year, of all the potential life threatening chemical hazards? The school had high levels of lead paint throughout the entire school, asbestos in the ceiling and floor tiles, asbestos in the insulation, and most of the school had very high levels of PCBs.
10. Who provided the urgent medical care to the two children who were not transported to the Danbury Trauma Center until an hour after the school was deemed safe for that 15-mile drive?
11. Who treated those two children who had been shot multiple times, like three to 11 times, since they did not allow the paramedics and EMTs inside SHES?
12. Why did the parents of the two children who died at the Danbury hospital not allow their children to donate their organs to other children waiting for the gift of life?
13. What happened to the 500 children and 60 school staff members from SHES on 12/14/2012?
14. Who was the police officer calling into the NPD dispatcher stating, in his words, that he had multiple weapons, a rifle and a shotgun, and who has the rifle and the shotgun, as the chain of evidence should show, that was found in classroom eight (8)?
15. Why would a police officer by the name of Lt. Vangehle, at 9:45:21 a.m. on 12/14/2012, from the NPD, after finding a female kindergartener in the hallway, make her go into room eight (8) and leave her there? Room eight was supposedly the gruesome crime scene with dead children and school staff.
16. Why would two Conn. State Troopers enter room ten (10) at 9:55:31 a.m. on 12/14/2012, which was supposedly the gruesome crime scene with dead children and school staff, and tell a male kindergartener who they found in the bathroom, who’s name is redacted, and tell them (so it must be more than one), to stay and they will both be back when it is safe?
Please all focus on those sixteen questions then we will move to the next set of questions.

Of course there’s a portion of the media that wants to paint any conflicts with the official story as outlandish paranoia. Like recently pro-democrat radio host Thom Hartmann did a segment with Alex SeitzWald called ‘Who Are the Sandy Hook Truthers’ aimed at criticizing people that continue to investigate this crime.

“Is this coming out of the David Icke school that there are lizard people and Bill Clinton zips on his human suit everyday… Or the Alex Jones school where the FEMA camps are all ready for you and me. I mean what’s the ideology of this?”

Thom Hartmann

It’s  obvious that Hartmann hasn’t done his research on this subject, because one look at the Who is Wolfgang Halbig? section and you’d see a biography and resume of a guy that doesn’t fit the CONspiracy mould that these hosts are trying to portray him as.

So while questioning the events of this shocking massacre is one of the most controversial things anyone can do, the resistance to such investigations implies a larger cover-up is ongoing.

Sandy Hook demolition

Keep seeking the truth and Justice for Sandy Hook.

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