Toronto Police to provide receipts

Sheriff of Nottingham tax collector

Toronto Police Service Board held a meeting on April 24th to discuss the Final Street Check Policy Draft. The 7 member board of ‘civilians’ got a legal advisor Frank of the Addario Group to help with development of the Community Contacts policy. These ‘community contacts’ or ‘carding’ events are where the police fish for information to store in a database. You don’t need to be suspected of a crime or even be suspicious, if you’re in the wrong place and time. They want to see your ID, know your address, and physical specs (height, weight, etc.) these New World Order spot checks disproportionately single out young people of colour, especially the Black youth.


presumption of innocence gone via carding?

Things will hopefully be changing with new rules aimed at stopping arbitrary spot checks. Many are wondering if the police have a carding quota system? According to Mr. Frank Addario there is no empirical data on the value of this intelligence collection, it’s all speculation.

Interestingly according to the special public meeting agenda, the board directed the Chief to provide, with immediate effect, a receipt after each community contact. A community safety note that identifies the officer who carded you and why?

“The officer must provide a business card which provides the name and the badge number and the station information of the officer… on a business card which would represent a receipt for any individual who would have their information submitted on a community safety note”

                                                 –  Deputy Chief Peter Sloly 

Although the accountability and potential discouragement of unreasonable checks that the receipts represent is a hopeful positive, the wording might be off.

What does the word ‘receipt’ mean?

receipt |riˈsētnoun

the action of receiving something or the fact of its being received: I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter, this office is already in receipt of your midterm grades.

• a written or printed statement acknowledging that something has been paid for or that goods have been received.

• (receiptsan amount of money received during a particular period by an organization or business: box-office receipts.archaic a recipe.

verb with obj. ] (usu. as adj. receiptedmark (a bill) as paid: the receipted hotel bill.• write a receipt for (goods or money): all fish shall be receipted at time of purchase.

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French receite, from medieval Latin recepta received, feminine past participle of Latin recipere. The -p-was inserted in imitation of the Latin spelling.

Now, why would a word connected with business or financial exchange be used for police spot checks?


Perhaps as a subtle hint towards policing as a business, or a blatant reminder of the New World Order Sheriff of Nottingham. The powers that be can institute a receipt system if they like, but why not change the name to ‘contact records’ or maybe keep the name ‘receipt’ and add a line on the slip that equates the length of the street check with the average police constable salary to give the recipient an estimated cost.


So while the police board, chiefs, politicians, and media, discuss this info collection scheme and it’s effect on urban populations, the New World Order presses forth in a modern day Sherwood Forrest known as Agenda 21 compliance zone Toronto, Ontario, where Policing for Revenue Generation is openly on the agenda.

Can you think of any ways that carding information could be used for generating profits?


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