Michael C Ruppert staged suicide?


When news hit the headlines of a suicide of Michael Ruppert a renowned whistleblower, journalist, commentator, author, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to CollapseNet.com people are being urged PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD SPECULATION! If you’ve been listening to iON you’d hear that every death is a suicide so this cause of death is like the truth being announced. 

But does that mean one can’t consider the coincidences this event presents? Coincidentally I recently won a prize pack that included a DVD copy of ‘Collapse‘ the critically acclaimed 2009 documentary starring Michael Ruppert, so I watched this a few days ago to see what I could glean.

Collapse 2009 poster

Was the suicide premeditated, planned, staged or spontaneous, random, strange?

let’s consider the theories

coincidence theory: there is no conspiracy…

If you take it all at face value then you aren’t supposed to second guess the story presented. Michael took his own life with a Glock 30 .45 caliber sub-compact pistol, after recording an episode of his podcast The  Lifeboat Hour. Apparently this happened at a friend’s California ranch near a meditation area. He had been threatening this for years, fulfilling an old pledge. He even left a note addressed to Jack:


Mark 1:3 (KJV) Read whole chapterSee verse in context | The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

Maybe, Mike Ruppert has too much weight on his conscious, aside from reporting on the worst of the new world order, he was also a member of the corrupt LAPD in the 1970s, involved in enough that the CIA tried to get him to go along with an international drug smuggling ring.


According to reports, the reason Michael’s death was confirmed by “Napa County Sheriffs” is because Michael was staying in a trailer on his friend, Jack Martin’s, property in Calistoga, California. It was Jack who found Mike’s body resting in an outdoor meditation spot on the property.

coincidence theory:  murdered Michael Ruppert, victim of 2012 meme

The movie Collapse paints a picture of Michael Ruppert and the peak oil crisis, and got me thinking about the popular doom-and-gloom genre. If you can convince yourself of an impending global warming climate catastrophe would you be looking for a way out?

Matthew 4:1 (KJV) Read whole chapterSee verse in context | Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

When i’m mentioning the 2012 genre i’m talking about the Y2K, End timers, Bug-out sack survivalists, end: civ environmentalist mind set that is planning towards a Mad Max, Children of Men, Revolution, the Road type future. On top of that depression is a new age dawning of the Age of Aquarius where everyone everywhere suddenly reconnects with mother earth and lives in harmony with nature and in peace in love. Then when 2012 came-and-went and everything seemed to go along as it had previously, it only makes sense that despair for your predictions would set in.

Dear readers, remember to fear not, there’s an organic farmer in the White House that believes in the audacity of hope.

One of the clues placed in last Sunday’s Lifeboat Hour was during a discussion on hypnosis and meditation trance memes, his co-host’s warning about society hypnotizing people while running meditation, “the whole purpose of the show tonight, is first of all for us, we who are out there, to share with all of, everybody else who’s listening: if you’re having a hard time, that’s probably the way it should be and it is for all of us… how do you care for yourself when this real darkness comes?” 

                                                              Michael C. Ruppert

At the opening of the show Ruppert spoke of spending the week with a Hollywood film crew working on a pitch video for a TV special, “I was in the Matrix, that’s what it was, I was in the matrix”

coincidence theory: Michael Ruppert is alive

This was a staged suicide, on Michael Ruppert’s final podcast appearance he signs off with “we’ll be back to do this again next week, and we’ll call all angels in the meantime, until then this is Michael C Ruppert tracker of truth loving you, saying goodbye, we’ll see you next week here on the Lifeboat Hour” because he will be broadcasting this week, probably gaining more new listeners than ever from all the heartfelt tribute stories. Michael Ruppert now lives as a digital glimmer, a vast archive of journalism, media, and websites remain forever. Coincidentally, the big movie opening this week TRANSCENDENCE appears to depict a main character transferring his consciousness to the digital world.

Although the character played by Johnny Depp appears to be an evil parody of New World Order front-man Ray Kurzweil, what if this technology exists now? the ghosts in the machine.

According to the movie review in The Sun (Depp) is about to give a speech at a TED-style conference” Although I don’t think Ruppert did a TED Talk he did do a good job of exposing TEDx after they banned/censored a talk by Graham Hancock about the The War on Consciousness’, psychedelics and the global awakening on The Lifeboat Hour.

“of all the ancestors for the last 5-or-6-thousand years since the god Jehovah separated us from everything else, whether you call yourself Lakota, or Hopi, or bush-man, or buddhist, or hindu, or any druid, or pagan, a wiccan, whatever you call yourself, understanding the interconnectedness of all things we are all GAIAN now.”

Michael Ruppert on The Lifeboat Hour interviewing Graham Hancock

The interview gets into the power of mind altering stimulants like ‘Mother Ayahuasca‘ and Ruppert reveals he’d experimented with DMT and connecting with mother Earth. Both Hancock and Ruppert share a fond admiration for Terrance McKenna, whose time wave zero theory coincidentally ran out on December 21st 2012.

Luke 5:16 (KJV) Read whole chapterSee verse in context | And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.

Michael Ruppert c-span CIA

Sunday April 13th 2014 the final Lifeboat Hour podcast mp3?

Also, check out this episode of The Lifeboat Hour featuring local truth rap star Cale Sampson:


15 thoughts on “Michael C Ruppert staged suicide?

  1. Do you know Mike? Or, any of the people close to him handling this? Have you spoken with any of them? have you seen any of the evidence outside of what I have thus far provided? What you are doing and saying is sadly wrong. What you are doing is exactly the kind of things that made Mike withdraw over and over from his work. I say this as being a “conspiracy theorist” myself. Mike Ruppert did in fact take his life. The evidence is overwhelming and clear and just because you haven’t seen it all yet does not make it otherwise. I have more coming out tomorrow. BTW, I was skeptical, I am no longer skeptical at all. This was a suicide, Mike is gone.

  2. Conspiracies for everything get old after awhile. One must keep an open mind and review the evidence before once jumps to “exciting” conclusions. There are too many details here to overlook. Mike was a troubled man for a long time. He was also brilliant, caring, very hard working and much loved and appreciated. Rest in peace, dear Michael, and we’ll pick up from here.

    • all these comments about his heavy conscience and that he knew too much and couldn’t deal with it are written by CIA spooks. The man enjoy sharing it all. It was his life and reason for living.

  3. I just learned about this today. We don’t hear about this kind of news. He did seem to be in a lot of pain based on what he knew. I started down the same path, but took a detour when my anger and sadness became unbearable and lonely.

    I have to say, I still wonder. I think of Riad Hamad, who died from duct taping his own hands behind his back, taping his mouth shut and his legs together, and then jumping in a lake. Seriously? We’re supposed to believe this? The “authorities” think so. I’m grateful to Michael, and Riad, and others like them, who despite the pain the monster they were up against inflicted, they still forged on. These are not quitters. So I will always wonder what really happened to Michael. Anyone can be forced to write such letters at gunpoint, especially knowing of their impending demise. I just don’t buy the suicide conclusion. It’s too easy, too convenient.

    There are actually many other examples of this exact thing that have occurred over the years. You just don’t hear about it, just like I didn’t hear about Michael’s death until accidentally finding it while googling the hundredth monkey theory.

  4. God’s commandment ‘Though shalt not kill’ Mike couldn’t and wouldn’t kill himself. He was a Christian and trusted the Lord. He would never compromise his right to eternal life. Draw your own conclusions.

  5. For the misbehaving authorities, this would accomplish two birds with one stone: a discreditting of a man’s work by associating him with mental instability while simultaneously ridding themselves of a threatening whistleblower.

  6. Yo those feds 100% knocked off mikey for exposing the cia. Easy as that. This world isnt what it seems

  7. I was Mike’s friend for some years, internet only but still kept in touch in the months before he died. I believe that his dog was taken, as a harassment, and dropped off miles away during a brutal CO winter. It was a miracle Rags was found. Mike normally did not have serious relationships with women, I think partly because of the danger to any one who was truly close to him. When he did find Jesse Re, this was unusual, but understandable for a man who was alone so long. When he went back to Oregon, he went up to Portland I think to see some mainstream news people who wanted “Michael Ruppert” in the raw (as himself). He came back from that shortly thereafter seemingly OK, but no one I know has any idea what went on there and who he saw or what happened. Jesse was away in CO with her son at the time, so out of the way. Mike wrote me once just a couple of months before this that he “would never leave Rags alone again for any reason”. Some people think the crime scene was very pat, like a former PD officer might do and some have concluded he seemed happier because he had made the decision to die. This is my own theory. I think whomever, CIA, etc. told him they would take out his lover and her son and his dog, if he did not take his own life or resisted being killed. Mike was dangerously outspoken and I am sure a thorn in their side big time. He may have been mind controlled, we just don’t know. But when I heard he committed suicide I just could not believe it, not because I am in denial, but because I am a psychologist of 35+ years, and Mike did not give me any sense of this…at all, in fact the opposite. He had his ups and downs in life, and being focused on such difficult material…the truth….surely wore him down at times. The Powers that Be would not want to make a martyr of him, so…..they have lots of ways of doing in people, and their reputations and good work. So that is my 2 cents. I loved Mike, he was a wonderful man.

  8. its uncanny is it not? when u stand up against the authorities who have a hell of a lot to hide, that person commits suicide? really?

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