Angry Beaver Radio (March 2014)


The Angry Beavers are back on Radio and gnawing each week into the lumbering issues effecting Canadians and the World on Truth Frequency. Check out the Angry Beaver Radio show each week on Saturdays 3-5 PM (EST), and these audio archives from the month of March, 2014:

March 1st 2014

Joined by Vinny Eastwood of and Susanne Posel of and to discuss a wide range of topics including central banking , children’s aid (family courts , CPS) the link to child abuse and trafficking , Geoengineering, staged revolutions and more…

March 8th 2014 – Canuck Dynasty

Topics: Drones and Gun Control, BC Marxism Day School, cheese sandwich terror plot foiled in Ottawa

March 15th 2014 –  with Ryan of 

Topics: Beyonce wants to ban the word ‘bossy’,  Ukraine situation, SMART Cities

March 22nd 2014 – featuring  by Ryan of

March 29th 2014 – Earth Hour Special

Also check out the online shop of merch known as the Angry Beaver Radio store on for t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, mouse pads etc.

Angry Beaver Radio-mousepad-2

Broadcasting from the Globalist occupied country formerly known as Canada Eh!

Angry Beaver Radio-mousepad-1

Tune in live Saturdays 3-5 pm est on Truth Frequency Radio


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