Top Candidates for Mayor of Toronto


Toronto votes this October 27th 2014 in highly anticipated election with 44 candidates for Mayor (as of March 30th 2014) but the major media wants it to feel like a 5 horse race with a recent debate on CityTV

CityVote Wednesday March 26th 2014:

5 debate contendors for Mayor of TO

The ELITE FIVE Candidates for Mayor of Toronto

The five candidates Rob Ford, John Tory, Olivia Chow, Karen Stintz, and David Soknacki, as established politicos who represent an elite, and who gets to pick which candidates for Mayor get propelled to the top? With a crowded field of 44 candidates and more registering everyday  we’re on pace to reach close to 100 names on the ballot for Mayor… Is this too much?

Well to help you sort through the mess an political rhetoric, here are my thoughts on the Top Candidates for Mayor of Toronto 2014:

Matt Mernagh


The number one choice for Mayor is Matt Mernagh sometimes known as the Cannabis Champion or ‘the Man Who Almost Made Pot Legal’ Most well known in the marijuana activism community, as an organizer for the 420 Toronto and Global Marijuana March, Matt has proven ability to lead crowds. When featured briefly at an off-site bar during the CityVote debate Matt was pressed on his stance on police budget cuts, he responded “We need to make it proper spending for smart policing.” 

Other policies include community gardens, stop island airport expansion, support downtown relief line, get a fair deal with province of Ontario and outreach for local people recently released from prison.



Matt is also a renowned author (Marijuana Smokers Guidebook) making him the literal choice for literate voters.




and i’ve already mentioned to Matt that if he drops out before election day that’ll i’d probably vote for the 18-year-old girl candidate.

Morgan Baskin


Morgan Baskin seems very intelligent for a high school senior, she has garnered some attention due to her age and I would consider voting for her because as a teenager she’s less likely to be conspiring with evil adults then the other adults running.

on Morgan Baskin’s About Me page she describes her likes:

I am a lover of streetcars, to the point of borderline obsession, have a soft spot for whimsy, may it come in the form of unicorns or hair glitter.


Honorable mention would be Daniel Walker a cannabis activist and political protester that I interviewed on Word of Mouth CKLN during the 2010 Toronto election. Walker is outspoken on the need to legalize marijuana, fund Scarborough subway by lottery, scale back on police force horses, when he mentioned this platform during an interview on CityVote he was caught-off on the archive, see at  10:40 the sound resumes when the next candidate begins talking.

Another so-called ‘fringe-candidate’ that has garnered some major attention was seen during the CityVote debate waving the background. Even getting mentioned as the-guy-with-the-white-beard on the Jimmy Kimmel show,



“Are we supposed to wave back?”

Jimmy Kimmel

Rocco Di Paolo waving

his name was revealed the next day when he appeared in studio on CityTV BreakfastTelevion as Rocco Di Paolo

Rocco Di Paolo picture

When Rocco Di Paolo appeared on City News BT he was asked why he’s running he said he wants to put Toronto on the map. When pressed further if Mayor Rob Ford has already put Toronto on the map, Rocco Di Paolo let slip some evidence of a possible staged candidate, saying:

I think he did a great job. I’m a friend of Ford, we meet all the time… I love the guy he did a great job. He’s still the best candidate as far as I’m concerned. And the only thing he’s got to get his life straightened out, but he’s got the right idea.

Rocco Di Paolo

This is a possible staged event could a staged fringe candidate be possible to draw attention away from other ‘fringe candidates’ like the horse-n-buggy riding Sarah Thompson, or the former-City Councillor Norm Gardner, or the other quality contenders like Daniel Walker, Morgan Baskin, or Matt Mernagh?


Toronto mayoral debate is underway

When I was asked about my thoughts on the debate on Angry Beaver Radio show I mentioned that the current five horse race will most likely become a 3-ring circus in the next few months, with Olivia Chow, Rob Ford, & John Tory, on top of the crowd. But of course anything is possible. Here are my thoughts on the other candidates.


Olivia Chow


Top of the pack appears to be Olivia Chow as the sole elite 5’er that’s considered totally ‘Left-wing’ she represents a huge part of the political spectrum, and the split of the left between Smitherman and Pantalone left it wide open for Ford in 2010, now four years later it looks like a divided right is propelling Olivia Chow to the top.


Fresh off the tour promoting her memoirs My Journey, Olivia Chow resigned her seat as an MP for Trinity Spadina and launched her anticipated campaign to challenge the incumbent Rob Ford. With a surprising choice of Purple and yellow, plus a slogan ‘New Mayor, Better City.’ She’s an artist and activist but her campaign will likely be staged to seem like a Superhero coming to save the city from the current Mayor.

But all-in-all Olivia Chow represents maybe the number 1 choice of the globalists, as an endorser of the Campaign for a United Nations World Parliament Assembly  A powerful position like the Mayor and CEO of Toronto would be coup for the global-to-local political agenda being passed down.

Not to say we aren’t already under New World Order control

Rob Ford

Rob Ford in LAX

Mayor of Toronto in LAX with Tanya Kim of E-talk and comedian Jimmy Kimmel

The Mayor of Toronto has become one of the most famous people in the World and can not be counted-out in terms of October 27th 2014, his followers are devoted to him no matter what he admits to. Although the threat of arrest seems to still be hanging around with every ITO police document released, Ford is weathering the storm via levelled damage control like a seasoned celebrity. In fact if he doesn’t win the election he’s been invited to be a regular character on the Jimmy Kimmel live show.


Mayor of Toronto leaves haunted office following Police Chief announcement – crack video found

Rob Ford became an international celebrity following a nonchalant admission of smoking crack-cocaine and being to drunk to remember the details, but even this blog has detailed Rob Ford connections with the New World Order agenda. He’s a skilled politician speaking partial truths for instance his $1billion in savings for taxpayers is based on a $923.4 million figure from a city staff briefing note listing city implemented initiatives in order to balance the budget.

When your policy is to run the city like a business, you’ll end up trying to convince people that an increase in user fees is a tax-savings, this is actually the nickel-and-dime incrementalism that the New World Order is known for.

At least Mayor Rob Ford was man enough to admit that under his watch there’s been a massive outbreak of road deterioration and potholes. “The pot holes situation in the city is the worst we’ve ever seen.”  


When we discussed the election on Angry Beaver Radio, I also mentioned that I considered the most likely candidate of the local illuminati is

John Tory

John Tory divide the right

He has already been accused to dividing the right and splitting votes between Ford and himself, as they are both Conservative Party members and supporters federally and provincially. Tory’s last name is even the name of Conservative’s old party legacy from the Tories in England. His résumé is full of executive and political experience. Over the past few years he’s been hosting a drive-time radio show speaking on a full range of political issues. He’ll appear as a more calm conservative choice when compared with the incumbent, with a cool green and dark blue campaign colours.

John Tory spanked by Doug Ford

John Tory enjoys a spanking by Doug Ford

If I was to guess which of the candidates was a freemason secret society plant I would say John Tory. It is also possible that Doug Ford the campaign manager and brother of Rob Ford is a high level secret society type, he even frequently sights his pride in being a Rotary Club recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Award – the highest award you can receive in Rotary.

Is the race for Mayor of Toronto being decided in secret by secret societies?

David Soknacki

David Soknacki vs

Probably the least recognized or known candidates of the Elite 5, David Soknacki has experience as a Councillor and Budget Chief during the David Miller years. He has support from current councillors like Paul Ainslie and Gloria Lindsay Luby.


My prediction is Soknacki will do the bad math and drop out before October, putting his support behind fellow LRT supporter Olivia Chow.

Karen Stintz

TTC Chair Karen Stintz got a ticket for allegedly running a stop sign on her bike. She was warned last year for the same thing. Says she's fighting this one. Photographed at Yonge and Bloor.

Other than the Mayor Rob Ford, Karen Stintz is the only candidate active at City Council full-time. She recently resigned as head of the TTC and announced he run for Mayor, but forgot her ID on the way. Stintz made headlines in the past for getting a ticket for illegal bicycling manoeuvres.


I give Councillor Karen Stintz support for running and encourage her to continue dressing sharp and campaigning for as long as possible, but i’d predict she will drop out in support of fellow downtown-relief-line subway supporter John Tory.

But if the laws could be bent or changed to allow for non-residents to be elected via write-in ballot, then I’d be tempted to write-in: DARWIN


Darwin the IKEA monkey for Mayor of Toronto 2014


Information on candidates for Toronto Votes 2014

VOTE for Mayor of Toronto

Monday, October 27th 2014



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