Is Abby Martin an Inside Job?


Abby Martin is the always beautiful and sometimes controversial host of ‘Breaking the Set‘ on RT known for exposing the most important issues of the day, including Senator Rand Paul‘s endorsement of Romney 2012, and speaking her mind about 9/11 truth, and the Ukraine/Russia situation.


RT host Abby Martin is also a Bay-area Psychedelic Artist

Abby Martin recently made headlines speaking out against the country of her network’s namesake, condemning the President of Russia for an invasion of Crimea.

Just because I work here for RT doesn’t mean I don’t have editorial independence

Fellow RT anchor Liz Wahl took it a step further by announcing her resignation on air. The situation landed Abby Martin an appearance on Piers Morgan Live where she said:

RT toes a perspective of the Russian foreign policy just as the entire corporate media toes the perspective of the US establishment.

The controversy over her support for 9/11 truth flared up following Martin’s fame for speaking out against her employer, with blogs like NYT, Raw Story and Mediate, attempting to smear 9/11 questions as lunatic. Abby Martin responded with an open letter Being smeared as a “9/11 Truther” in the MSM responding with a controversial statement about the 9/11 attacks not being an inside job.

I do not think the attacks were an “inside job.” The language here is used as a discrediting factor, and it’s irresponsible to assert such an unknowable claim. I distanced myself from that language years ago.

The 9/11 truth community has been discussing the wave of controversy and outrage.

9/11 is an inside job

In 2008, Abby Martin appeared marching at a Santa Monica 9/11 Truth March in support of First Responders, she was interviewed and made clear her point of view at that time was 9/11 is an inside job.

I’ve researched it for three years, and every single thing I uncover solidifies my belief that it was an inside job that our government was complicit in what happened.

It’s hard to believe that the organizer of San Diego 9/11 Truth Meet-up would turn on the truth movement 6 years later. And fortunately, Abby Martin wrote that she remains skeptical about the official story of 9/11 and will continue to ask questions on her show.

A “truther” on this issue is nothing to be ashamed of.

Keep Fighting,

Abby Martin swordsmith


The 9/11 truth controversy apparently went as far as saying Abby Martin sold out and went ‘full Veitch’ in reference to the infamous Charlie Veich  turning against 9/11 truth in a bid to go mainstream on the BBC.

RT is an outside job?

Since RT debuted years ago theories have been presented that it’s a state funded propaganda outlet of Russia. When RT anchor Liz Wahl resigned from RT she said;

I cannot be part of a network being funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I’m proud to be an American

Abby Martin discussed this with Buzzsaw host Tyrel Ventura, yes it’s the Russian perspective:

The question must be asked, is Abby Martin’s turn on the 9/11 truth movement some sort of ploy to distract the truthers? and is Abby Martin being used for her sexiness, similar to the way Fox News and most hot morning newswomen are depicted in a front-on camera angle wearing  short skirts? A highly savvy content delivery technique:

abby martin hot by default

a martin purple abby martin - bill abby martin 22 abby martin blue skirt abby martin on RT abby martin red abby martin RT BP abby martin wall street abby yellow abbymartin-23 AbbyMartin-redskirt abi Bilderberg-2013-abby-martin Einstein-with-Abby-Martin Heroic_Beavers_Abby_Martin__BreakingTheSet Monsanto-Abby-Martin

In writing this piece I don’t want you to draw the impression that people should not be able to wear what they want, because how could I say I stand for liberty otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that pointing out a possible inside job to boost ratings is off limits.

According to Forbes the effect that Sexy News Anchors have on male viewers is an addled capitivation a new study from Indiana University reports that, for men, “emphasis on the sexual attractiveness of female news anchors distracts from memory formation for news content.” And shockingly the opposite for women, their attention is drawn to sexy anchor women out of a longing to relate to the popular girl.

It’s quite clear that Abby Martin is naturally beautiful with a hot sense for fashion, she also appears to be a real truth seeker unafraid to explore issues that the alternative media reports on. Of course, the 9/11 conspiracy being an outside job or an inside job is endlessly debatable, because the official story is so questionable. But is this all a a big set-up being played on the truth movement?

If Abby Martin goes on to work for a more mainstream, less ‘truther friendly’ network then this caution might be warranted. Either way I have a feeling that the host of ‘Breaking the Set’ is considering her options with the RT network, because even if she has full editorial control over her news segments her pay-cheque is still coming from a corporate pyramid that the President she accused of invading a sovereign country is on top of.

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6 thoughts on “Is Abby Martin an Inside Job?

  1. If you don’t mind, a couple of corrections?

    1. You said…”In 2008, Abby Martin appeared marching at a Santa Monica 9/11 Truth March in support of First Responders, she was interviewed and made clear her point of view at that time was 9/11 is an inside job.” … that “interview” is not a real interview and was just another Truther marching. We always filmed etc etc etc…in fact, the one doing video taping is Jock Doubleday, who himself is quite a controversial figure in what is the current Truth movement.

    2. Liz Wahl is the one who pulled a scam, if you are not caught up:

    3. Abby did not “turn on” or “turn against” the Truth movement. This is about the language we use and the presentation of such. Screeching “Inside Job” through bullhorns has not been and is not the answer.

    4. A different woman wearing the same clothes wouldn’t look like Abby. Abby in different clothes, would still look like Abby and be sexy.

  2. a lot of what makes one a truther is a certain intuition that something smells fishy in the state of…. anywhere really.
    most news I watch feels like propaganda with sprinklings of truth. with RT I get the sense that the propaganda to truth ratio is a little more balanced with, as was said, a slant towards Russia and away from Westeros.
    now, while its true that Abby’s attractive with a sexy warm delivery, my spider sense doesn’t go off when I watch her show and listen to her views. I can’t say the same about all the other hotties on RT some of whom sound like well trained actresses. that being said I don’t mind because I enjoy RT in general, the guests get a better shot in my view, and when I put their news through my truth filter I at least get some nuggets.

  3. Her pay-cheque is coming from a corporate pyramid led by the so-called “oligarchs” who like to spend their stolen and laundered cash in central London.

  4. …her pay-cheque is still coming from a corporate pyramid that the President she accused of invading a sovereign country…pay-cheques in USA are coming from the same type of corporate pyramid only a 100-fold…that sounds to me like “the pot calling the kettle black”… All US is doing everywhere is invading some sovereign country somewhere…

  5. Abby is a jew tranny controlled opp to gain millenials and truthers then misdirect. He is another tranny illuminati CIA Israel creation

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