Toronto Truth Seekers Retro 1982 Throwback Theme Song Revealed

TTS title - TorontoTruthSeekersIf the Toronto Truth Seekers was from the 1980’s this would be be our theme song: ‘Toronto – Start Telling the Truth’

Actually, TorontoTruthSeekers (TTS) is from the late 00’s early 2010’s and this is our theme song ‘Black Krishna – We On the Streets Now’

TorontoTruthSeekers - Total Health 2013

 Honorable mentions include:

FAL$E TEACHER$ by Shai Linn

Frankie G Ft. JoneZ – Divine Creature

ILL BILL – “Society Is Brainwashed”

Holographic Universe feat. BEAST 1333, DR. iLL, ATMA, LORD LHUS, MARK DEEZ, Dj White Shadow

Cale Sampson – The Truth Is



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