Toronto at 180 years old

180 Toronto valentines day

Did you know that Toronto recently turned 180 years since it was incorporated in 1834?

Maybe not, as there wasn’t much of an official celebration, at City Hall there was a cake cutting:

Toronto 180 Cake

Happy Birthday Toronto! (click image to watch video)

If you watch the video you’ll hear one councillor remark that cutting the cake together was like a Ouija board, opening up the demonic realm? City councillor and candidate for Mayor Karen Stintz was looking good in a tight blue skirt and remarked that she’s full of hot air after blowing out the candles on the cake. But the star of the show was the Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly who while cutting the cake went to a live-on-air interview with CP24 clutching a large knife, the reporter remarked “Careful with that knife.”

Also, there was a 180 Toronto dress-up party-down event on Thursday March 6th 2014 at Steamwhistle Roundhouse brewery and the Deputy Mayor attended the party:

Deputy Mayor 180 years Deputy Mayor hits on 180 girl

TORONTO is the name of a CORPORATION incorporated as a city March 6, 1834, from the old muddy York that existed here before.



The CEO of the Corporation the City of Toronto, employing thousands of people, is Mayor Rob Ford.

180 years later this is what it was back then:


click on map to enlarge

This 1834 map is more like a cartoon:


click on map to enlarge

The motto on the original Coat of Arms is ‘Industry, Integrity, Intelligence


A new Coat of Arms was created after the metro amalgamation, approved October 30, 1998 with a new Mega-City motto ‘Diversity Our Strength’


Info on symbolism click on image

The flag of Toronto was winner of a design competition and adopted in 1999


Toronto at 180 years old:


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