Questions linger in Mayor Rob Ford scandal…

The Mayor of Toronto continues his global rise to fame with infamous video clips, outrageous quotes, and an entire Nation for his namesake. Like a cult of personality, the Ford Nation is a devout collective that follows their fearless leader’s lead, even when faced with persistent lying. He’s been accused of shocking crimes and admitted to breaking the council code of conduct as well as the law. But his popularity continues to rise, with each scandal or revelation like moths to lights at any given time Rob Ford is liable to be swarmed by media, protestors, or his own supporters looking for a snap-shot. He appears to be working out his way to being re-elected in Oct. 27th 2014.

Rob Ford working out


So much has been written already, what ‘new’ can be added to the conversation? How about some unanswered questions:

Was Rob ford named after Robert Ford?

Rob Ford as Robert Ford comparison picMaybe, being a baby of 1969, Rob’s parents must have seen some of the many Jesse James portrayals on TV and movies, it’s hard to believe they didn’t know they were giving their son a historic name, or should I say the name of a historic gangster. Research reveals Robert Ford was a member of the James Gang, a notorious group of robbers stickin’ up the American mid-west. James became a legendary outlaw while still living, a guy the authorities couldn’t catch. Robert Ford garnered the nickname ‘coward’ for executing his co-robber idol Jesse James, shooting him in the back to earn the bounty. He went on to tour the States acting out the execution, posing for pictures with people as ‘the man who killed Jesse James’. He became a police officer and died as a bartender.

After watching the 2007 movie the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford it’s quite clear that the current Mayor shares similarities to the character played by Casey Affleck. The wide-eyed gaze, child-like sensibility, he even gets into drunken-stupors in a downward spiral. Coincidentally the portrayal is so similar that I’d put Casey Affleck in a hefty body suit up for the role of Mayor Ford if the movie gets made.


Is Rob Ford on drugs?

Most likely, he’s admitted to drinking alcohol to the point of being black-out drunk, buying and smoking marijuana as well as doing crack-cocaine at least once while elected to Toronto’s highest office.

A surprising revelation found in the FOI police documents was Ford’s former chief-of-staff and right man Mark Towhey suggesting Ford is taking Oxycontin because of an asthma inhaler infection.

Rob Ford oxy infection

Cannabis, hash, cocaine (powder and rock), pills, alcohol, maybe even the hezza? Also one of his personal trainers has been linked to steroids. So what is Rob Ford on? Well drinking alcohol at best, and all of the above plus more at worst.

So whatever legends emerge in the near future about the Mayor’s current drug use, one thing is for sure he promised in late 2013 that those days were behind him and that he’d keep on the straight and narrow.

Is Rob Ford losing his mind?

Yes, although this point is debatable. I think if anyone seriously considers Rob Ford’s pronounced desire for wanting everyone in Toronto (and the World) to see a tape of him doing crack-cocaine and a slurring rant.

Why would anyone want the footage to get out especially when running for public office? Two of the things I can think are that he’s going crazy or he’s in on a larger deception, mainly normalizing hard drug use as an accepted and celebrated activity for political and corporate leaders.

Rob Ford Gonzo

Mayor of Toronto and Gonzo the Muppet on Jimmy Kimmel Live (March 3rd 2014)

The mental instability and insanity defense could also explain some of Rob Ford’s more outrageous statements, actions, and multiple lies.

Is Rob Ford the New World Order Mayor?

Yes, as previously reported on ReCon blog ‘Rob Ford and the New World Order’ Mayor Ford appears to embrace the vast majority of Agenda 21 plans, most vocally his support for mass transit (Subways, subways, subways) as a major urban socialist project. He loves seeing the construction cranes in the skies but what about the micro units they represent? P3s are both the N.W.O. and Rob Ford’s common economic model.

Rob Ford Stephen Harper Agenda-21

As a global celebrity he fits in with the political direction of popularity contests for the leaders of our future. Granted, Ford also has some Old World Order characteristics, mainly his support for the Conservative Party, the modern day Tories that have been running Upper Canada for hundreds of years. The way the Ford family acts in politics is like a modern day family compact.

Prince Philip Toronto :: Central Image Agency

Consider the revelations in the police documents, during a crucial time period around late April 2013 when the King of Canada the 91-year-old Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip held a major ceremony where he presented new colours to the Royal Canadian Regiment.

Rob Ford vs King Of Canada

According to the documents the Mayor of Toronto did not attend although there was a spot reserved in his honour. This is not Old World Order behavior, the tories of old would’ve gladly attended a royal engagement. Rob Ford of the New World Order allegedly did the hezza and smoked his rocks just previous the weekend.

Is Rob Ford a gangster?

Yes, although his rap sheet only suggests assaults, drunk driving, and drug possession, if the media is accurate he’s into much more. His group of friends and associates includes many convicted criminals. Police documents reveal that Rob Ford was/is in frequent cellular and OnStar contact with his occasional driver Sandro, who is accused of selling a pound of marihuana to an undercover detective and extortion for threatening some residents of Ward 2, Etobicoke North.

RobFrods usual suspects


Did Rob Ford order the extortion as an attempt to retrieve the crack video? Is he involved in the drug trade? Since he has only admitted to buying small amounts of drugs there is a chance he’s just a user, but if 15 Windsor Rd. is a ‘trap house’ as reported in the media, then reports of Rob Ford paying the utility bills at 15 Windsor Rd. is also a possibly true.

What happened here?

What happened here? (Infamous house in Ward 2, Etobicoke North)

Ford claims that other councilors are hypocritical for wanting to reprimand him for his admitting to illegal actions, but when the Mayor tried to explain that he knew their secrets and wanted to impose mandatory drug testing he prefaced his statements with “I’m not a rat.”

He’s shown up at prisons unannounced wanting speak with inmates. He’s being sued in connection with his former-high school football players beating up his sister’s ex-husband. His older brothers have been linked to the R.Y. Drifters hashish cartel, and the Ford brothers past assault charges show a tendency to solve their problems with violence.


The reports of Rob Ford as a Kingpin-style villain might not be accurate, but if they are then it’s scary. As being a corporation owner, CEO of Toronto, and ex-high school football coach, could all be used as fronts by a corrupt crime lord for money laundering, bribery, and recruitment.

Is Rob Ford a gangster or Ford Nation a gang? If only a few of these are accurate then this answer is yes.

Ford Nation

Who owns this town man? ANSWER

Does Rob Ford want to get arrested/go to jail?

Yes. Rob Ford has repeatedly said he wants the police to come and arrest him if he has broken the law. And he has outright stated that he has broken the law and council code of conduct so it’s almost as if he’s requesting to be arrested. This might be because of a feeling of guilt, having his associate Sandro under serious charges and others in jail, the Mayor might be feeling left out.

A desire to get arrested might also explain Ford’s recent divergence off his straight-edge pledge to stop his chaotic intoxicated binges. When Ford went to a suburb of Vancouver (February 2014) he got ticked by the RCMP for jaywalking while he was going to the Foggy Dew pub. He later claimed that he was singled out and set-up by the RCMP, he said. “Look, I have jaywalked, so maybe I have broken the law a lot of times but everybody jaywalks.”

Rob Ford the wire

If the previous question about being a gangster is affirmative then any by-law infractions, citations, or jail time Ford puts in will up his ‘street cred’ in the world of thug life.


Does Rob Ford respect the Chief of Police Bill Blair and/or the Law?

No, and answering that prior to November 2013 would’ve been harder but over the past 4 months Rob Ford has repeatedly said Blair is on a political witch-hunt, and although Ford admits to and apologizes for buying/doing drugs and driving drunk he insists that the investigation of him is wrong.

It is not good to have the CEO of Toronto being in a public conflict with the Chief of the corporation’s largest budget expense, TPS.  As it is, Rob Ford authorizes over a billion dollars a year to a department run by someone he thinks is conspiring against him? What has come to light with all these scandals is that Rob Ford doesn’t respect the laws of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, nor the city council code of conduct rules. Driving distracted or drunk, jaywalking, assault, falsely accusing someone of being a pedophile, even basic rules like not running in the council chamber he has no problem breaking.

Mayor Ford no council orientation

Rob Ford was under oath being questioned by lawyer Clayton Ruby when asked why he hadn’t read the council handbook, Code of Conduct, and Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, even though he would’ve been given a copy for each of the four municipal elections he’s won. Ford replied that he didn’t think he needed to because his father had been a one-time M.P.P. The judge later made note of Rob’s stubborn-sense of entitlement.

Rob Ford no error in judgement

Note from complaint alleging Rob Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

Maybe he feels the laws shouldn’t apply to him? Of course he does when considering drug laws, as he as spent his entire political career fighting for prohibition and against harm-reduction programs, in support of letting drug users ‘dry out in jail’.

If you care to research the FOI documents on Project Brazen 2 related to Rob Ford it’s hard not to see that the tough on crime agenda is a façade. Of course Blair and Ford could’ve set this all up together but it doesn’t seem that way.

Is Rob Ford demonically possessed?

Maybe, because it’s hard to answer this one affirmative based on TV, Radio, News stories, and speeches, but there are some factors, including use of alcohol, to consider. Like hard liquor is sometimes known as spirits, because of the state of mind it puts people in alledgedly opens them up to spiritual forces and demonic attack. An intoxication that makes some people do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Well this is the black-out drunk period that Rob Ford refers to, when he claims he gets so drunk he can’t remember what he said or did. Also consider the incomprehensible communications that have been reported, slurred speech and mumbling, maybe a side effect of drunkenness or is he speaking in the tongues of legion?


The Mayor’s former office staff told police investigators that Rob Ford has called late at night speaking rapidly from his father’s gravesite. Is he in mourning or attempting to summon familiar spirits?


Consider this timeline, October 26th 2013 Rob Ford attends Toronto Zombie Walk, October 28th 2013 Rob Ford decorates his the Office of the Mayor of Toronto as a haunted house, invites the mass media in and asks “Would you like to touch my snake?” offers candy but hints it’s laced with cyanide. October 28th-30th Mayor’s opens office to the public and invites the entire City down for Halloween tours – October 31st 2013, Major police investigation document pdfs released, Mayor snaps at reporters standing on his property, Police Chief reveals that investigators have recovered the infamous ‘crack video’, Happy Halloween.

"Would you like to touch my snake?" asks the Mayor

“Would you like to touch my snake?” asks the Mayor

Research reveals that another infamous political leader Adolf Hitler has a few sketchy coincidental connections including addiction to cocaine (High Hitler: The Addicted Führer ) and possibly being blackmailed for controversial actions of his past (The Hidden Führer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler’s Sexuality) but the scariest is demonic possession, as seen in Occult History of the Third Reich and other documentaries, Hitler was prone uncontrollable raving fits. Just an eerie coincidence?

Demonic forces flocking to Ford? A group of Satanists even started up a successful RoFo bus tour throughout the Etobicoke locations of CRACKAMANIA


Is Rob Ford fiscally responsible?

Nope if the Toronto police documents reveal anything it’s that he goes to the gas station near his house frequently, when there he sometimes gets gas or uses the washroom but he always buys one or a few bottles of Gatorade. It’s obvious that with such an addiction to a beverage the most cost effective would be to buy in bulk by the case full. Compare a single bottle price at a gas station or convenience store to the price-per-unit of a case bought at No Frills or Costco and you’ll see savings.


Now I’m not trying to put down anyone that pays a little more for convenience or claim that saving some money on Gatorade is stopping the gravy train but Would you believe that someone who doesn’t save their own money cares about saving strangers money? Of course there is a chance that Mayor Ford is just buying something so he can use the gas station’s washroom for doing drugs, but that is definitely just speculation.

Is Jerry the most important person in Toronto? 

Apparently YES, after years of advice to get a driver and security guards, it took an international scandal and becoming a celebrity before Mayor Rob Ford would take on a driver, bodyguard, and personal trainer. He seems to have found all three in one, Jerry Agyemang is now seen alongside Rob Ford almost everywhere he goes. His job is difficult, trying to steer an uncontrollable personality like Rob Ford’s.

But I didn’t realize his true role until I he noticed Rob Ford gave full credit for his getting into an exclusive Board of Trade event that he’d been dis-invited to, to Jerry: “When I got to the door, they didn’t have my name anywhere. It was something else,” he said. “I saw the deputy mayor’s name there. Actually it was Jerry who pulled some strings and got me this seat at the table.” (January 2014)

It’s becoming clear that Jerry is a problem solving fixer. (Note: see Showtime TV series Ray Donovan for more on this job position.)

Jerry the problem solver

However, I would rather like to hope of Jerry as a super-hero, one man who could help save the City from the Mayor and the Mayor from himself.

What’s up with the sleep-overs?

A very disturbing question to consider that it’s been overlooked by the onslaught of media reporting on Rob Ford related scandals, though it has been asked on this ReCon blog before: TORONTO PEDOPHILE: Rob Ford or Daniel Dale? (hopefully neither)

The question is WHAT IS TORONTO? but the Jeopardy answer  is questionable:

Rob Ford wrong Jepordy answer

Note: Ford never suggested ‘crack tape’ was accutally a ‘weed tape’ as this answer sort-of hints…



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