Angry Beaver Radio (February 2014)

The_Angry_BeaversBasking in the heat of global cooling, the Angry Beavers spent the month of February in a frozen dam of mass-media lies and political deceptions, now listen to the team as they switch timeslots and change networks but still present the same truth, a global warming fiction in a polar vortex reality… every Saturday afternoon



Saturday, February 1st 2014 5-7pm (EST) hosted by John, Mike, Mark, and Daniel, archives Hour 1 // Hour 2 audio MP3 archives

Saturday, February 8th 2014 5-7pm (EST) GLOBALISTS TRYING TO STAGE REVOLUTION IN CANADA? The state of Activism in Canada with guests Greg Renouf (genuiNEWitty) and Lawrence McCurry (CanadaAwakes)

February 15th 2014  5-7pm (EST) Hour 1 Audio mp3 // Hour 2 Audio mp3


Due to unknown circumstances Orion Talk Radio went off air and that same week the Angry Beaver Radio show was picked up by Truth Frequency Radio broadcast live online and 90.7 KTFRN-FM (Denver) every Saturday now at 3-5pm (EST)


February 22nd 2014 3-5pm (EST) featuring guest Ryan Elson ( on such topics as the Olympics , staged revolutions, Guy Fawkes masks, Globalism, Climate Change, Canadian issues, and more…


Stay tuned for more tree chewing and truth dams


2 thoughts on “Angry Beaver Radio (February 2014)

  1. Few things have been more embarrassing as an American than to see a sitting President afraid to make a decision on a pipeline. A “no” won’t keep the oil in the ground, so it would be meaningless.

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